Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jonathan Davis' wife dead age 39-Old Posts on Korn-Earthquake/Blind/Bridge symbolism-Ghost Theme

Seeing this story right now sticks out to me. Earlier today at work we were talking about Stevie Wonder. I didn't have my phone and we were wondering if he was still coworker looked it up on her phone and he was still alive born on May 12th 1950. 
Anyway if you go back and read old posts this year about the band "KORN" it was all about the song "Blind" and "Bridge/Earthquake" Symbolism. I mentioned Stevie Wonder because I had synchronicity with Jeopardy and a "Blind" theme. 
Gangsta's Paradise Lost....

Coolio born on 8/1....

Then a few days later I made a post because I was thinking how I randomly made a post about Limp Bizkit and it reminded me of Korn and the song "Blind"...also my drummer had just brought the song up as well. 
The backwards "R" is an 81 as well. 
The Bridge stuff all about 81. 
The single "Blind" released on 8/1. 
Korn Blind Post
Jeopardy-Blind symbolism

I also talked about "Pink"=50 in the post. 
Stevie Wonder born in 50'. 

There's also something interesting in regards to his wife being Deven Davis. There was a guy I didn't really know, but was on the same record label D'Cypher was on when I started making his beats and playing shows with him. He had the same name...the first reason it stuck out to me is because he was from Villisca which is known for it's Axe Murder House.....I just recently had the paranormal guy add me to Facebook with all the Ghost Symbolism...I was thinking he was from the same town, but he was from Malvern which is in the same general area as Villisca...

Anyway notice how the guy died on 10/11....This is the day that Korn's Self Titled Album released and Jonathan Davis says that it's his favorite of the Albums....
Also remember Korn was on Southpark's Halloween episode..."Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"...
The first Halloween episode of South Park was called "PINKeye". 

So just documenting as I know it's important, yet I don't see the full picture with it yet...

So on to the Gematria of the story here....
His wife dies 211 days after his 47th bday...
47th prime number is 211. 

She also dies 5 months 1 day before his 48th bday..
Deven Davis=51
Jonathan Davis=48

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