Thursday, August 16, 2018

People of the Sun-The Fall of Tenochtitlan and the Aztec Empire

I got a comment earlier that was talking about Anubis and it just made me think about Freemasonry and Sirius again. 
The perfected man is about spiritual ascension to Sirius...
Also Sirius represents the spiritual light. 
The Sun shines on the grand illusion which is the physical world, but Sirius has the real light of the world. 

Anyway it reminded me of the song by Rage Against the Machine, "People of the Sun". 
He even mentions crawl amidst the ruins of this empty "Dream". 

Notice he mentions Cuahtemoc too. He was the final ruler of the Aztecs. 

Notice the fall of Tenochtitlan lasted 80 days. 
Hernan Cortes=59
Aztec Empire=59

It's also interesting May 26th leaves 219 days  in the year and it lasted 2 months 19 days. 
It's also interesting to point out that....
Sun God=80

Also note that Tenochtitlan located on 19N. 

I have a distinct memory of Tenochtitlan when I was younger too. It was in Junior High History Class. We were learning about the Aztecs and our teacher was showing us some features on the new computers we had. There was a program on it that would a robot voice would read outloud whatever you typed into it...that's how we learned how to say Tenochtitlan and for whatever the reason we all laughed at it...I remember repeating it multiple times and still have a vivid memory of it for some reason. 

Anyway I need to do more research into stuff such as the Aztecs and the Mayans, I'm sure there is a lot to tell..

I also find it interesting the Aztecs fell on August 13th, which is the same day the Berlin Wall began construction. Think about the Aztecs in regards to Mexico and Trump wanting to build a wall. Also wins the election on the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down,

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