Monday, August 27, 2018

Cleveland Browns Gematria in connection to Rocky Colavito-Synchronicity with The Cleveland Show-Elvis-Pilot Flying J Flag symbolism

I just came back downstairs and Jasmine woke up. The tv had stopped and she wanted the remote, because she can't sleep without the TV on. Anyway she turned on another episode of the Cleveland Show. 
I wondered if possibly there was something to see with the Cleveland Browns considering that is his name....
Notice "Cleveland Browns"=61, 169 and also 1960(Jewish)
How interesting is that considering:
Rocky Colavito=61, 169 and was traded away in 1960. 

haha what are the odds this episode, "How Cleveland Got his Groove Back" involves Baseball...
It's also funny to me that the guy who strikes Cleveland out is named "Lester".....reminds me of Jon Lester who plays for the Cubs and also the Red Sox when they won in 2007 and 2013. 

The episode released on 10/10/10 as well...

Also Cleveland takes his family to Africa in this episode, but they actually go to Hawaii....Just interesting in regards to all the recent things with Hawaii. 

Also thinking about the Browns they hold the 0-16 record with Detroit....think about Rocky being traded to Detroit. 

Also interesting that the Browns just recently played the Eagles in a preseason game. 
The Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018 and the last time they won the championship was in 1960 the year Rocky Colavito was traded. The score was 13-17 as well(see previous posts). 
The Eagles also won in 1948 just after the Indians won the World Series. 
The Browns also won in 1950....just interesting I just documented about this year in the last post and they beat the Eagles 5-0 in the above game....a rather odd score in football. 

Elvis was a fan of the Browns as well? Thinking about Aretha Franklin dying the same day he did, plus the same day Babe Ruth died. Elvis was a friend of Bobby FRANKLIN too it says. 
It's also got me thinking of Elvis in Hawaii that aired on 1/14. 
Elvis even died 7 months 8 days after his bday. 
Can't forget Jerry the King Lawler being a fan either and his son dying this year...

Also think about Elvis being from Memphis...
Remember Russwood Park in Memphis burnt down the same day Rocky Colavito was traded...
Elvis Presley=67
Cleveland Indians=67
Notice how it says the better known non baseball event there was Elvis on 7/4/56 too? 

In regards to the Flag symbolism too the owner of the Browns is also the CEO of Pilot Flying J....remember the video all over the internet about them not flying the American Flag? 
Pilot Flying J=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Cleveland Browns=169

That video also came from a guy named "Dave MOORE". 
It also became Pilot Flying J on 7/1/2010....
7/1 is 114 days before the 114th WS. 

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