Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Nationals Trade Daniel "MURPHY" to the Cubs-Easter Sunday-Cleveland Indians

Right away this story stands out to me. Remember how I've been saying all my relatives named "MURPHY" have died in connection to the Cubs. Now the Cubs get Daniel Murphy....seems funny to me as it's my mothers maiden name and my name is Daniel. 
Also Matt Guitar Murphy dying in connection to Aretha Franklin...
Murphy the name of the Goat that cursed the Cubs. 

Notice the Cubs played Detroit today as well. Detroit the team the Cubs were playing when they got cursed by the Billy Goat in 1945. Also Detroit is the team the Cubs beat in the 1908 World Series. 

You also have to love the Fact Daniel Murphy's birthday this year was on Easter Sunday...reminding us of the Indians-Curse of Rocky Colavito on Easter and the Holy Fire. 
Daniel Thomas Murphy=222
Rocky Colavito's bday on the 222nd day and this year is the 222nd year of Cleveland being founded. 
Daniel Murphy=857(Jewish)....857 the 148th prime. 
Cleveland Indians=148

Also this happens 63 days before the World Series begins..also 2 months 2 days. 
Notice the Indains beat the Red Sox with a score of 6-3. 
Remember 22 is supposed to be a bad number for the Indians, but they did beat the Red Sox in a 1 game playoff to make the 1948 World Series. Then they went on to beat the "Boston"=22, "Braves"=22. 

Also interesting the Red Sox have lost twice now to the Indians staying on 88 wins..
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
The Cubs lost for the 3rd time in a row staying on 71 win reminding me of the Billy Goat stuff that was 71 years before and the Chicago Fire beginning in 71' and Grover Cleveland dying age 71 and so on..

With the end date Murphy's bday is also 206 days before the World Series. 
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)

I feel like I documented something special about Daniel Murphy in 2015 as well, but I can't seem to find it. There was something in the World Series when he played for the Mets. Possibly it's in one of my old videos as I used to just make videos with my info and not put it on a blog...sometimes I didn't put stuff on my word document either...I was thinking something to do with the Curse of Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, but I'll have to look back at them videos...

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  1. This just came in..

    Murphy asked about the Gay comment in 2015”

    It was only three years ago when Daniel Murphy, then playing second base for the New York Mets, told NJ.com's Mike Vorkunov, "I do disagree with the fact that (MLB ambassador for inclusion, Billy Bean) is a homosexual."

    "That doesn't mean I can't still invest in him and get to know him. We (as Christians) love the people, but we disagree with the lifestyle."

    When talking to reporters before his Chicago Cubs home debut on Thursday, Murphy spoke about the value of inclusion in baseball and other industries, and was asked about his prior comments.
    Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said Wednesday that the club vetted Murphy's comments by speaking directly with Bean, who has struck up a friendship with the infielder since 2015

    "We wanted to get his impression of it," Hoyer said, according to James Neveau of NBC Chicago. "He was really positive and thought the organization could really benefit from his presence. We felt it was important to make that phone call."

    The Cubs will host the 18th annual "Out at Wrigley" event on Sunday, which supports LGBTQ inclusion in MLB ballparks. It's touted as "the nation's original MLB gay day."