Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Body of Mollie Tibbets found plus name of suspect-Iowa Hawkeyes-Flag-Montezuma Aztecs

A fitting day to find the body if it is in fact Mollie Tibbets. 

It's 34 days after she went missing. 
Also remember how she was connected to the Iowa Hawkeyes. 
Remember too how Brooklyn, Iowa is known for all of it's FLAGS. 
Also remember how much her going missing was connected to Freemasonry. 
The 34th prime number is 139. 

Look at the suspected killers name too.
Cristhian Bahena Rivera=137(rev red), 205
Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts=137(rev red), 205

Also in regards to the Flag stuff..
Cristhian Rivera=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231
University of Iowa=231
Of course he was an ILLEGAL Immigrant fitting the Trump narrative of needing to build the Wall. 
Iowa=48=Wall=Donald Trump and so on...

Plus all the connections to the Flag/Stock Market Crash in regards to the only president from Iowa(Herbert Hoover). 
Remember Herbert Hoover was born on Rocky Colavito's bday too(8/10). He was 59 years older than Rocky. 
Herbert Hoover=614(satanic)
Trump's bday is 6/14 which is Flag Day. 

All the sites I've found mention how the body was found in rural Poweshiek County....I figured I'd look up the County....Anyway I noticed some interesting things in regards to what I've recently documented about. 
Notice the county seat is in the town of Montezuma....
How odd is it that I just documented randomly about the Aztecs and now I'm seeing Montezuma? He was the leader of the Aztecs that expanded them to their biggest size. Then was killed during the Spanish conquest. 

The Aztecs next ruler was Cuitlahuac who only reigned for 80 days before he died...haha. 
Rememberr the Fall of Tenochtitlan lasted 80 days. 

Something I never noticed about Iowa's Football coach is that he alos coached at Maine(something I mentioned earlier this year)....then he coached the Cleveland Browns and the Ravens who used to be from Cleveland. 
He's also got the 8/1 bday that is connected to the Bridge stuff..

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