Saturday, August 25, 2018

Cleveland Indians player Luke EASTER dying on 5/4/54 in connection to the 1954 World Series

I was looking to see if any other teams were connected to Easter in regards to the Holy Fire. Anyway one of the first things I found was a player named "Luke Easter" who of course played with the Cleveland Indians. 
Notice his last game was on 5/4/54...
Luke Easter=54
His bday of 8/4 or 4/8 also perfect for Cleveland. 
Notice he died in the town "Euclid"=54
Think about Euclid in regards to Geometry and it's connections to baseball. 
Major League=108
108 Double Stitches..

Notice he died 148 days before the World Series in 1954. 
Cleveland Indians=148

The Indians also lost in the World Series in 1954 and it was the last time they made the WS until 1995. 
Interesting too they played the Giants, which reminds me of Earthquakes/Field of Dreams stuff I have documented. 
It was the 51st World Series. 
Cleveland=51 and so on...

He was murdered in the year 79' as well. 
Luke Easter=63(rev red)
He died age 63. 

Cleveland Indians=94

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