Friday, August 17, 2018

Synchronicity at work on August 11th-Sir William Eddington

Looking at my phone a bit ago and realized I forgot to document something from August 11th. 
I got to work and I had a bunch of pizza's to make and the order was written on the back of a Town Hall meeting. 

I didn't know if I should save the paper or not and I asked the other lady I was working with about it. She didn't know, but we were both looking at it and reading the agenda on it. We both wondered who the person William Eddington was as it's a small town and neither one of us know who it is. It says something about a building permit and I made some dumb joke that the name sounded like a Knights name. It seemed fitting for that name to be "Sir William Eddington". 

Anyway later in the day after my coworker had left the phone rang for the first time all day. When I looked at the caller ID it was from William Eddington....I just thought what are the odds and took a picture of the stuff. I'm sure that this will come back up at a later date and make more sense. It's just odd that a town of 1000 people and I've never heard of this person before, yet obviously it has to be someone I've seen multiple times and from here. 

2 younger girls came in a picked up the pizza too, so I still do not know who this person is...It's not that big of deal really, but the synchronicity with it is what I wanted to document. 
Maybe it was showing me the Bridge stuff...
William Eddington=81
I also went on to tell my coworker about Sir John Harington who invented the Flushing Toilet...
Toilet=81 and 81(reverse)

In the alternate spelling of his name....
John Harrington=81

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