Sunday, August 5, 2018

Assassination Attempt on Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro

This story comes 111 days before his bday. 

He was giving a speech at the 81st anniversary of the Venezuelan National Guard. He blames the attack partially on the outgoing Colombian president.....notice the new Colombian president born on 8/1. 
Nicolas Maduro Moros=81

Ivan Duque=42
Notice he just turned 42 years old. 

He blamed it on the far right elements and the outgoing president of Colombia. 
Isn't it interesting he has the 8/10 bday? 

Maduro also called out the US a bit in regards to financers from Miami...I'm waiting for Trump's Twitter response lol....there's something special about it as Maduro is the current Secretary General  of NAM whose last  Secretary General was the president of Iran who just exchanged Tweets with Trump...


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