Friday, August 24, 2018

Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King dies-Johnny Van Zant's Wikipedia bday changed-Richard Nixon=624

Funny how I mentioned earlier this year we might get the death of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronny Van Zant....I just mentioned Lynyrd Skynyrd again in my video and post about the "MOLLIE/PINK" symbolism and wondered if there was something connected to it. 
Now we get former Skynyrd member Ed King dying. 
Ed King=50
Alabama=50(rev red)
He was the co-writer of Sweet Home Alabama..
Notice the single for the song came out on 6/24....Of all days for it to come out...the 624 I keep talking about. 
The song was written as a response to Neil Young's songs "Southern Man", and "Alabama". 
Neil Young=50
Remember Neil Young was also important to what I was talking about with the Indians in 2016. Donald Trump came down the elevator on his presidential announcement in 2015 with Keep on Rocking in the Free World playing...Also Crazy Horse/Ohio...Neil Young supported Standing Rock and wrote a song about it. 

Ed KING dies 23 days before his bday too. 
He dies age 68...
Lynyrd Skynyrd=1968(Jewish) als 822(rev sum)
He dies on 8/22. 

I find it odd as well that someone changed Johnny Van Zant's birthday this year on Wikipedia. I thought he might die as his name equals 59 and he was born in 59' and turned 59 years old. 
Notice now Wiki says he was born in 1960 and someone changed it on 3/6/18. 
It's still interesting as "Johnny Van Zant"=58 and that means he turned 58 years old on the 58th day of 2018. 
King dies 59 days before the anniversary of the Skynyrd plane crash in 1977 as well. 

He also dies 59 days after 6/24...

Also think about Lynyrd Skynyrd in regards to the FLAG symbolism. 
Also think about Sweet Home Alabama dealing with Racism/South also George Wallace and Watergate.....Think about how Trump's been compared to George Wallace and the talk of Trump and scandals in regards to Watergate. 

Richard Nixon=624(Jewish)
Nixon the president during the Moon landing too. 
Remember there was a connection to the song "Free Bird" to the Eagles being in the Super Bowl as well. Thinking about the EAGLE landing on the Moon...

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