Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Marilyn Manson collapses on stage at Houston-Helter Skelter-Valentines

Marilyn Manson collapses due to heat poisoning in Houston, Texas on 8/18/18. 
Houston Texas=64 and 62(rev red)
Heat Poisoning=64 and 62(rev red)
Twins of Evil=64 and 62(rev red)

This story also comes 6 months 4 days after Valentines. Remember Marilyn Manson super connected to Stoneman Douglas..

Notice how Manson and Rob Zombie remade "Helter Skelter" for this tour too...
Last year when talking about Marilyn Manson I said how he was connected to Charles Manson and the Helter Skelter Theory about Blacks Rising up.....which is why kneeling during the national anthem was important. 

I'm also thinking about Rob Zombie remaking the "Halloween" films. A bunch of the Marilyn Manson/Stand by Me stuff I talked about last year happened on Halloween...such as Wendy Williams collapsing...
It's funny too as last year I documented how Marilyn Manson might be connected to the Houston Astros in the World Series. They even originally said he was only going to miss the shows from Boston up to Houston...then he was out until 11/5 instead....anyway this sticks out as Rob Zombie is from the Boston Area...and now this happens in Houston...

Also last year when the Gun Props fell on him, he was performing Sweet Dreams...and this incident also came while he was performing Sweet Dreams. 

Gonna have to think a bit more on this one. There was so much connected to Marilyn Manson it was crazy. Remember just before the WS too that Daisy Berkowitz died....Coma White/JFK stuff/Rose McGowan....then Twiggy was a Sex Abuser...

This story also comes on the 1 month 7th day of the Twins of Evil Tour....
Remember all the 17 important to Valentines/Stoneman Douglas. 
Manson from Ft. Lauderdale which is close to Stoneman Douglas. 

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