Thursday, August 16, 2018

My son and nephew both born on dates this year connecting to "Bridge"

I was talking to my mom earlier and she mentioned my brother. I just thought of something in regards to the "Bridge" symbolism...

Remember how I've said my son was really important to it as he was born on 1/17...I forgot that my nephew "Jace" was born on 4/5 this year as well. 
Bridge"=45 and 117(reverse)
Jace's name equals "95" and he was born on the 95th day of the year. 
Also both their full names equal "84". 

I wonder and hope when my kids and nephews grow up if they will understand what I am documenting. I've tried to explain a bit to Claire and Collin, but they are just a bit young to fully grasp it. 

I have a feeling Claire is going to understand it though. She really seems to be a lot more creative than most other kids. For example one day she drew super heros on paper and then turned the fan facing upwards. Then she put the papers on top of the fan so they would continually stay afloat, so the superheros could fly. 
I know there are a lot of other creative kids, but she is constantly doing things such as this and I've never seen many other kids around here in the same manner. 
Claire also really pays attention to detail which is essential....She's constantly telling me the things in her cartoons don't make sense. She was watching "Frozen" the other day and told me the movie didn't make sense. I asked her why and she said because Queen Elsa's gloves should turn into Ice when she touches them, because everything she touches turns to Ice. She's just constantly asking me questions such as this. Not to say she is super special because of it, but it's a good trait to have when applying this knowledge and learning more of this world. 

Funny that Claires name is 78(rev red) and 222(reverse) as well..numbers I just recently documented about...I don't even really know why I wrote all of that above's just something I've been thinking about for a while. I just have a feeling that when she gets older she is going to be able to understand this unlike many other people I know. 
Zamien and Jace also born 78 days apart haha. 

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