Thursday, August 9, 2018

Synchronicity with Sam's post about synchronicity with Ghosts-Unchained Melody-M. Night Shyamalan-Moore

I just posted about "Ghosts" and the color Pink last night. 
Sam text me not long after asking me if I read his recent blog post which I did not until a few minutes ago. 
What are the odds he wrote about how he had synchronicity with a "Ghost Theme" on August 7th? I mean that's just crazy that he would write about that...I had no idea...and now I'm writing about the same thing. 

All I can think about is the film "Ghost" that has Demi MOORE in it. I just recently mentioned how Demi might be important because of the Roast of Bruce Willis...Think about Sam's name too...Moores....Moore...
I also find it interesting that Patrick Swayzes character is named "SAM" in the film....and Demi's is named "Molly"...
My previous post in regards to Ghosts began with Mollie Tibbetts...

The lyricist to Unchained Melody died on 7/2...
Unchained Melody=72

Notice the guy who wrote the music for the song died on "PINK's" bday too. 

The version on the film "Ghost" was a solo song by Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield....Notice he was born on 8/10...

Also interesting on Wiki it mentions how the song was used on the Soundtrack of "Goodfellas". Remember Goodfellas and Goodfellows were important the other night in regards to Synchroncity with Sam too. 

I started this blog post last I'm telling my girlfriend about all of this....In regards to Mollie Tibbetts being missing and Ghosts it made me think of the Mark Wahlberg film "The Lovely Bones". I couldn't remember the title of the film and while I was telling her about this film...I asked if she's seen The Happening...I said it's a dumb movie really, but for some reason I really liked it. She's never seen it I guess which I'm surprised because she likes M. Night Shyamalan stuff like The Village. 

Anyway look at the main character in The Happening....It's Elliot MOORE. 
Sam Moores
Demi Moore
The Happening=69
I know I posted long time ago about the Moors.....

Would you believe that M. Night Shyamalan was born on 8/6 too? 
That was a MONDAY and a really important day this year in regards to the Pink symbolism..Also think about him in regards to Bruce Willis(The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable)......also "Signs" a movie that is really important to how all I'm documenting about is truth. 
I have to leave for a while, but I'll look more into some of this when I get home later. 

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