Sunday, August 12, 2018

Richard "Beebo" Russell Steals airplane in Seattle-9/11 reminders

August 10th we did get a major story reminding us of 9/11. 
Think about it....a guy steals an airplane...although he didn't crash it into a building the symbolism is there. 
He does it in Seattle which was connected to the Yankees upsetting the Mariners 41 days after 9/11 and so on..that's why we got the Ichiro story of him not knowing Tom Brady this year....also the story of Ichiro's mustache at the Yankees game...also Rudy Giuliani being booed at the Yankees game. 
This story just so happens to come on Rocky Colavito's bday which I've been saying for a long time now is important. 

This guy's nickname was "Beebo"? 
He was 29 years old. 

Richard Russell=68, 94(rev red)
Seattle, Washington=68, 94(rev red)

Airplane Crash=82

Interesting he was married on 1/14...
This comes before the 114th WS. 

This story also has to be connected to the Boeing stuff I mentioned a while back...Trump and the New Air Force One...original Air Force One called the "Columbine II"...
Space Force...Space Needle..I thought I documented somewhere about Boeing in regards to the Space Force, but I cannot seem to find it...