Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bill Goldberg-Whoopi Goldberg-some thoughts on why some the recent Wrestling Deaths are Important-Earthquake

Goldberg was a Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart..

This sticks out because we just got the death of another one of Bret Hart's tag team partners in Jim Neidhart. 

Think about the Hart Family and the color pink. Also how Owen Hart was connected to teh St. Valentines Day Massacre and the Austin Bombings...Owen Hart the reason Stone Cold had to retire early....the Hart family story that went over the Edge of the Cliff was also connected to Owen/Bret...

Talk about all being interrelated. 
Thinking about the other Wrestling death this year in regards to Brian LAWler....
Vader's real name was Leon Allen White(LAW). 

Remember last year I had synchronicity with a story about Sheriff and Outlaw....I fought the Law and the Law Won....originally I documented about the Dodgers, but then I a synchronicity with that post showing me the Molesting Priests and also the Curse of Rocky Colavito.....just interesting yet again in regards to the Cleveland/LA stuff. 
Sheriff vs Outlaw Dodgers Post
Sheriff vs Outlaw Indians Post

It's also funny to me, because the other night when I had to pick up my girlfriends brother and I had the synchronicity with the Prison and him being pulled over.....his name is Michael of the last times that Brian Lawler was in WWE he sided with Michael Cole over his father. 
Bret Hart held down Michael Cole in his final match against Jerry Lawler in order for Cole to kiss Lawler's feet too. 
Also I said I need to think about Whoopi Goldberg as well...
The first thing I think about with her is the film "Eddie" that I have documented about before. 
I talked about the death of John "HOT ROD" Williams in the post...
Just interesting as I mentioned the film "Hot Rod" only a few days ago with the Island thing...
Also the film "Sister Act" makes me think of the recent stories in the media with Catholic Priests. 

Whoopi Goldberg was also the lead Hyena in the Lion King...
The Lion King also reminds me of VADER, because in my post about him I mentioned James Earl Jones being Darth Vader...Also in the Lion King and the BLIND Guy in the Sandlot. Funny too I talked about the Earthquake Series and how Field of Dreams was connected to it with the Moonlight Graham stuff. 

It's probably why this guy with Moonlight Graham is on the comments right above Regan's. 

Whoopi Goldberg=60(red red)
Caryn Johnson=60
I'll have to add that one to the long list that's undeniable. 

Was looking for what else might be important to "Goldberg" and I see a TV show called "Hart to Hart" was produced by Spelling-Goldberg...

Also remember a while back when I was talking about Hermes and the connections to GOLD...Full House and Earthquakes/Bridge..

Also Goldberg's streak record was broke by Asuka...remember she won the first ever Women's Royal Rumble...Also Shinsuke Nakamura won the Mens...both from Japan....reminding us of Earthquakes....also Ronda Rousey coming in the Royal Rumble and she was also connected to Roddy Piper/Earthquakes...then we had the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. 

Think about how the Oakland A's are all the sudden tied with the Astro's right now too in regards to Earthquakes and them winning the Earthquake Series in 1989. 

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