Thursday, August 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin's Death connected to The Blues Brothers-Death of Matt Murphy-Bridge-Earthquake-Babe Ruth-Indians-Red Sox-Cubs

I'm almost positive Aretha Franklin's death has something to do with the "Blues Brothers". 

The only film she was in that wasn't a documentary was the Blues Brothers and the remake. 
The Blues Brothers is all about saving the Church....think about the Catholic stuff going on in the media currently. 
Also we got the Bridge Collapse in Italy....think about how there is a scene in the Blues Brothers special to Bridges...The Nazi's bridge scene and also he jumps the drawbridge...

Also the Bass player in the Blues Brothers nickname is Donald DUCK...

Also Matt Murphy died earlier this year and he played Aretha Franklin's husband on the Blues Brothers. Remember his death is synced to the Cubs. In the film Blues Brothers they make it a big deal that the fake address is to Wrigley Field as well. 

Death of Matt Murphy-Blues Brothers-Cubs-Red Sox-National Anthem

She sings the song "Think" in the scene with Matt Murphy...
He died 62 days before her...

In my post about Matt Murphy I talked all about the Cubs and the Red Sox....the 1918 World Series/National Anthem....It's been confusing as hell...The Indians sure seem to be a lock, yet they do have the connections back to the Red Sox...Terry Francona breaking the Curse of the Bambino for the Red Sox and now coaches the Indians...The Indians beat the Red Sox to advance to the 1948 World Series in which was the last time they won...

Think about how Aretha Franklin dies on the same day Babe Ruth(Bambino) died too. She died in Detroit....Detroit the team the Indians and Cubs curses both connected to. 
Babe Ruth died in 1948 as well....
Also I mentioned the year Matt Murphy was born was 1929...when the Cubs lost to the A's(Earthquake)....Red Sox in Field of Dreams that was showing us the A's and the 1989 Earthquake series as well. 

Babe Ruth died 49 days before the Indians beat the Red Sox that year...
Babe Ruth=49(rev red)

I bet more than likely if we don't get an earthquake at the actual world series this year...we will get an earthquake story around the time world series or big earthquake story somewhere in the world when the World Series is going on....just like in 2016 when I said it was connected to Earthquakes and we got the Italian Earthquakes...

I also can't stop thinking about the Ben FRANKLIN Bridge I have mentioned with Philadelphia....Aretha FRANKLIN. Possibly nothing, but worth noting. 

Also the guy who played Babe Ruth in the Sandlot was "Art LaFleur"=114
In 2016 Field of Dreams was synced to the Indians, but it was more with Costner...this year seems to be synced to James Earl Jones....Need to look more at Babe Ruth and the year 48'.....All the 48 stuff just has me thinking it's for the Indians, but the Red Sox are being used to show me the connections to the Indians. 

What else is interesting is the Cubs beat Pittsburgh today too. 
Remember in 2016 the Cubs had a "Tie"=114 with Pittsburgh the same day as 114 people were injured on the Hoboken Train...The last tie before that was 114 days before the WS in 2005...
Cubs went on to win the world series in 2016 getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
Cubs got their 70th win today and remember the day of the bridge collapse they lost 7-0 and it was 70 days before the WS..
1948 was 70 years ago. 
Pittsburgh also the "City of Bridges"..
Pittsburgh the 228th day...

Also when I just documented about The Blues Brothers I talked about Bill Murray and Chevy Chase being Caddyshack...I can't not think about the part in the "Swimming Pool"(Drowning?)...Bill Murray eats the Baby Ruth that everyone thinks is a Turd. 

I remembered too that the candy bar isn't actually named after Babe Ruth, but I couldn't remember who it was....
I just looked it up and of course it's named after Grover CLEVELAND'S Daughter named Ruth.
The company even originally located on the same street as Wrigley Field. 

Ruth Cleveland=145, 206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
Chicago Illinois=145
Oh the odds. 

Also John Belushi is buried on Martha's Vineyard.....we just got the story of Bill Murray throwing the drink on Martha's Vineyard. 

Another thought in regards to the date of 8/16 is how in 2015 I talked about the death of Frank Gifford being connected to the Eagles....The Eagles just won the Super Bowl in 2018 and remember Frank Gifford born on 8/16 and his wife Kathy Lee also born on 8/16. 
Plus I just mentioned Elvis in Hawaii...Elvis died on 8/16...
The King...The Queen of soul..

Also interesting the 10th prime minister of INDIA(INDIAN) died today too. 

Cubs player Yu Darvish also born on 8/16..

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