Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trump says the Media wanted him to BOX Putin-Family Guy Season 16 episode 7(Peter Griffin Boxes Putin)-CHASE synchronicity while making this Post-Washington Redskins connected to Cleveland Indians

Trump said today the media wanted him to BOX with Putin. 
Did I not just talk about Putin in regards to boxing a few weeks ago? I had the synchronicity with Family Guy where Peter boxes Putin. It was all in regards to Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki as well. 
A perfect day to bring this up in the media though. 
8/2 or 2/8. 
Boxing=28(rev red)
Putin=28(rev red)
Putin-Trump Summit- Family Guy Boxing Blog Post
It's also funny because in that post I talked about Rocky and the connections to Valentines Day...Rocky born on 6/7(July 6th) which is Eastern Orthodox Valentines day. Also Family Guy being cancelled on Valentines in 2002. 
August 2nd is the 214th day leaving 151 days in the year. 
Valentines Day=151 and it's on 2/14. 

August 2nd comes 6 months 12 days before Valentines Day. 
Valentine=612=World War
Notice it's also 28 weeks. 

Also interesting today is 49 days or 1 month 19 days after Trump's bday. 
Family Guy=119
In the post I mentioned the 49th episode of Family Guy that aired on Valentines Day. 

Box=41 and 40(reverse)
Valentines=40 and 41(rev red)
Cold War=41(rev red)

He says this in the town of Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania. 
A little over a hundred miles away from Philadelphia where Rocky is from. 
Notice the location too....41N and 75W. 
Wilkes Barre=75

This story also comes 66 days before Putin's 66th bday. 

The only other episode of Family Guy I see with Putin is Season 8 episode 3...
Spies Reminiscent of Us=1011(Jewish)
Interesting it came out on 10/11..2009. 
I'll have to check this episode out. A big basis is "CLEVELAND's" house. Lots of stuff with Cleveland I've been documenting lately....Trump super connected to Cleveland as well and the Indians in the World Series in 2016. 
Remember the Simpsons predicted Trump to be president before the Woman president in an episode where Bart has a vision at the Indian Casino. 

This episode also has Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd in it which possibly means nothing....but lately I've been telling people how Claire loves Tommy Boy(Aykroyd in the film). Almost everyone says oh I bet she would like Caddyshack(Chase) as well. 
Akroyd also connected to the Blues Brothers/Chicago Cubs stuff...his bday even 114 days before the 114th WS begins..
Chevy Chase born on Oct. 8th...10/8 or 8/10...
Also Bill Murray in Caddyshack(Cubs/Chicago/Ghostbuster/Valentines). 

One last thought is the last name Chase reminds me of the guy who died that delivered the Omaha World Herald. He married a Chase. Her brothers wife with the name Chase died just before her husband died.  
The reason it even caught my attention is I'm listening to the Gematria Effect right now and Young Decoder(Chase) is supposed to be on.  

I just went to Facebook and the first thing on my feed involves the Chase lady who recently died too. Her husband uses Facebook under an account with her name still. 
Of course the message also is about synchronicity, yet it will just be deemed a "coincidence" he mentioned something twice to 2 different people and then it happened. Just as it's a supposed "coincidence" I'm writing up this post about "Chase" and a lady who recently died...then the first thing on Facebook is a post with a comment under her account. 

Of course the lady who dieds bday would've been 6 months 24 days ago too. 

Also lately everyone seems to keep bringing up the World Series connection to the NFL and the Washington Redskins. Remember in 2016 Brandon Scherff was a big reason why I thought the Indians would be in the World Series. There was a big native american theme connected to the area I live and Brandon Scherff was a Washington Redskin. 

Anyway I wondered what his full name was as Wikipedia doesn't show it. I went to which I can usually find it...moral of the story it doesn't show the guy I'm looking for, but the only Brandon Scherff the site has listed is a guy with the middle name "CHASE" haha it's great. 

Also the Washington Redskins were originally called the "Boston Braves" and played at Braves Field where the Baseball team the Boston Braves played....then the next year they went to Fenway where the Red Sox play....
Think about that in regards to the riddle with the Cleveland Indians who last won a World Series against the Boston Braves...and only making the series because they beat the Boston Red Sox in a 1 game playoff ruining an all Boston World Series. 

I bet the South Park episode with the Startup company called the Washington Redskins might offer a clue in regards to this. Possibly I'll rewatch it when I get a chance. Remember it was connected the "Ralph" as well because it didn't have the Buffalo Bills owner in the episode as he had died. 

Also another thought..... the Standing During the National Anthem theme is connected to the Indians because of the Dakota Access Pipeline and STANDING ROCK. 

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  1. The Diamondbacks play at "Chase Field" so maybe that's something to watch for.

    Also, I blogged about Chicago - John Goodman(Mentioning Blues Brothers) - Blues Traveler a while back. It might be something worth revisiting....