Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Death of Brian Christopher and Nikolai Volkoff some quick thoughts

Some interesting Wrestling deaths of late...
Nikolai Volkoff the Russian in Wrestling dies just after the Trump-Putin meeting and more and more Russia stories coming up in the fitting. 

Also bringing back the "King" stuff with the death of Jerry "The King" Lawler's son age 46. 
Sacrifice=46 and so on...

It's interesting too with all of the recent stories about Lebron "KING" James we get the death of a Kings son. Also Jerry "The King" Lawler happens to love Cleveland Sports. 
Brian Christopher Lawler=119
Suicide=119 also 70
Jerry Lawler=57, 69, 147, 150
World Series=57, 69, 147, 150

So the Russian dies age 70....Brian Christopher dies of "Suicide"=70...
Remember the Indians haven't won in 70 years. 

It's also interesting Jerry Lawler turned 68 on the anniversary of Israel being recognized. 

There's something special about Wrestlemania XXVII Axxess in regards to Brian Christopher and The King as well. I see that Roddy Piper fought with Rob Dyrdek at WM XXVII....Once again the Ohio connection plus I just talked about Rob with the Drowning theme....Piper's death is super important to the narrative being used with the WWE currently and Ronda Rousey..

Gonna get some sleep but wanted to document a few things about this that I have been thinking about before I forgot. 

Also Volkoff feuded with Bruno Sammartino who just died on the 108th day of the year in 2018 too. I'll have to check my old post as it was connected to Valentines and Johnny Valiant's death. 


  1. Just because his name is Brian, it reminded me of something strange I came across Sunday night. I was looking at the cast of some movie, and I saw "Brian Powell" was in it. He was a big name college baseball player, who had a short career in the majors. I noticed that he was also in several movies. Anyway, he had committed suicide back in 2009. The whole thing seemed odd to me, because pretty much every movie he was in, he had a small roll, and he was disguised. One movie it said he played an old man (he died age 36) and another he played an overweight person. That seemed odd to me. I haven't really looked into it yet but:

    Brian Powell = 62(Rev Red)
    Sacrifice = 62(Rev Red)

  2. I think you mentioned it in one of your videos. Every year we get reminded of the fucking Sandlot. Great movie and all but you know who never gets any props..... Denis Leary man!!

  3. Volkoff was branded as being Russian but he was actually born in present-day Croatia. Pretty interesting, considering Croatia just lost in the World Cup final to "France" = 47, and Volkoff was born in '47 like the word "suicide", which also sums to 70, the age at which he died.
    "Suicide" = 34 (Full Reduction)
    "Brian Christopher Lawler" = 340 (Reverse Ordinal)