Sunday, August 27, 2017

My friend Pam called me 33-Twins-Indians-Curse of Rocky Colavito-Mayweather-Hurricane Harvey

Lol this is great. I just posted a bunch about 33 and I realized it just so happened to be my 33rd post in the month of August. Right when I realized it's my 33rd post my phone starts ringing. It's 2:18am and my friend Pam is calling me. 
Pam Melby=33 and 87
Pamela Sue Melby=150
World Series=150(reverse)
Remember she called me exactly 87 minutes after beginning my post about Child Molesting Priests? 
Spotlight-Priests Post
Priest=33, 87
Spotlight about exposing the 87 priests in Boston and so on. 
I made that post on the 150th day of the year. 
Child Molesting=150 and so on. 

The game in the last post was 87 days after the 150th day. 
Also 2 months 26 days....
Cleveland Ohio=125 and 226(reverse)
Sam Moores=125(reverse)
Samuel Philip Moores=226
Seattle mariners=226(reverse) his fav. team. 

The Dodgers even played the Cardinals on that day. Remember it's also 147 days before the World Series this year. 
world Series=147 and 150(reverse)
Interesting Cleveland had a 9-4 score that day as well. 
Ninety four=147
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94
Cleveland Indians=94
Last year had 94 regular season wins. 
Rocky V=94
Tommy David Morrison=94(real life name of Tommy Gunn)
He died of "Aids"=33
Hmmm lol what am I supposed to see here? I did mention a while back in regards to the Twins stuff I kept seeing 116 which was super important to the Indians last year. Season 1 episode 16 of the Loud House? 
Just noticed in reverse too....
Curse of Rocky Colavito=113(rev red)
Rocco Domenico Colavito Jr=113
Rocky Colavito born in 33' and is 84 years old. 
The curse began in 1960...
Minnesota Twins=60 and 84(rev red)
What's even funnier is tonight I watched the Mayweather fight and then I went into the bedroom and my girlfriend was sleeping. The film "Rocky V" was on which is why I mentioned it above. 
Tommy Morrison=72 and 72(rev red)

The curse was because he was traded for Harvey Kuenn....It just makes me wonder in regards to Hurricane HARVEY going on right now too. 
The curse was 57 years 6 months 7 days before the 113th WS. 
The Indians haven't won a WS since 10/11/1948 with Lou Boudreau who died on 8/10 age 84 on Colavito's 68th bday. 
 That also means it will be 69 years 13 days to the beginning of the 113th WS since the Indians won. 
Rocky Colavito turned 84 this year on 8/10 as well. 
Cleveland Indians=67(6 months 7 days)
World Series=57 and 69(red rev)
Also remember Lou Boudreau coached the Cubs in 1960 for 1 season before leaving. 

I fought the Law came out on Harvey Kuenn's 30th bday in 1960. haha amazing all of this might have been showing me the Indians all along? He was also born in 30'. 
The 30th prime is 113. 

Rocky V came out the day after Sam was born in 1990. 
Ninety=33, 87

The Indians got their 72nd win today as well.
Notice the Royals are now 64-64. 
Native Americans=64
I didn't mention it in the previous post but....

I thought it was interesting the Cardinals lost making their record 64-64 and the Rays got their 64th win. 

Now today the Cardinals win 6 to 4. 
It wouldn't surprise me if the Indians won the World Series this year in light of all the Civil Rights stuff in the news too. 
Civil rights=64
Civil Rights Act passed in 64' by LBJ. 
Lyndon B Johnson=64....died age 64 and so on. 
Boston Red Sox=64(rev red)
So much to think about lol.....The priest stuff is connected to Boston/Spotlight.....
The Indians coach Terry Francona famous for breaking the Red Sox 86 year curse......Francona's father played with the Indians when the Curse of Rocky Colavito happened. What am I missing in regards to the Twins connected to Boston and Cleveland? 
Boston Tea Party=191, 187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Remember too the Indians played the Red Sox when Kyrie was traded to Boston.....Kyrie Irving=147 and 150(reverse)

August 10th was also the day when the Twins got their 57th win on their 113th game. 

The Indians beat the Twins 3-1 on the 57th anniversary of the Curse of Rocky Colavito too. 

The 3rd Major League film is about the Minnesota Twins and it came out on the 38th anniversary of the Curse of Rocky Colavito. 
Minnesota=38, 110
Major League Back to the Minors=110

It makes sense Rocky Colavito was traded to Detroit as well...
Rocky Colavito=169
Detroit Tigers=169
Harvey Kuenn died 2 months 24 days after his bday. 
Floyd Mayweather=224(reverse)
Born on 2/24. 
Rocky Balboa born 110 days before the World Series...

Going to bed, but for sure more to think about. 
Was going to type how I'm just trying to get a better understanding of what is happening....
Understand=60(rev red) and 150(rev)
Understanding=60 and 150 
For some reason I still think it's for the Twins though. 

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