Sunday, August 27, 2017

Article Sam shared with me on Facebook-Outlaw vs Sherriff-The Loud House-33

Sam tagged me in the article post on Facebook, so I figured I'd look at it. 

First thing I notice is the players are born 33 days apart in 1990 which is also the same year Sam was born.  
Ryan Sherriff=147
Kevin Kiermaier=150
World Series=147 and 150(reverse)
This is how stuff has seemed to work. I don't think either of these teams will be in the World Series, but this event is connected to who is going to be. 
The Score was 7-3. 
Sherriff Outlaw=73
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

Interesting it involves the Cardinals as well, as just  last night I corrected what I said in my video about the Cardinals. I meant I think the Diamondbacks would be the only team to upset the Dodgers, but I said Cardinals because I was thinking Arizona and said the Football team. 
St. Louis Cardinals=110(rev red) and 61(red)
Minnesota=110 and yesterday they won 6-1 and with the end date it was 61 days before the World Series. 
As I am thinking about last night as well in regards to the Lesbian/ Twins story....another person that was brought up yesterday was my friend Ryan Hamblen whom I haven't seen for a few years. My boss asked me about him at work in the day and then he was brought up again later that night.
Ryan Hamblen=50, 113.....113th world series? Twins?
Dan Behrendt=50

As I was reading the comment about " I fought the Law and the Law won" I heard the TV say the exact same phrase lol. 
Interesting the guy who commented as well. 
Ramos=33(rev red)
Sam had just recently text me a post about all the 33 around the eclipse too. 

Robert Ramos wearing a Dodger hat in his Facebook banner too lol. 

It was the cartoon called "Loud House" and episode 16 called "For Bros about to Rock". 
Interesting too as I discovered Gravity Falls while randomly watching the 16th episode as well. 
The Loud House=54
Notice it's about their favorite rock band "Smooch". 
Smooch=73 and 89(reverse)
Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)
Sherriff=89(his team lost to Outlaw, although the article says the Law won because Outlaw grounded a fielders choice). 
For Bros about to Rock=81
Arizona Diamondbacks=81

Lincoln and Clyde=66 and 147
Episode aired on 6/6. 
World Series=57, 66, 147
Thirty Three=66...of course 33+33=66
The Loud House set in a fictional town called "Royal Woods". 
Royal Woods=147
The show is about a family of 1 boy and 10 girls. (110)
The creator is "Christopher Mason Savino"=110
Lincoln=110(reverse)(main character)

Interesting that he has a set of twin sisters as well. 
Lana and Lola=33 and 66(rev red)

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