Wednesday, February 7, 2018

6.4 Taiwan Earthquake on 2/6/18 exactly 2 years after the 6.4 Taiwan Earthquake on 2/6/16.

I have a feeling there is something I'm supposed to see with this story. A 6.4 Earthquake on Queen Elizabeth II's anniversary of being Queen...Also just days after the Super Bowl with lots of Earthquake/Bridge Symbolism..
Remember in 2016 we also got a 6.4 Taiwan Earthquake on 2/6. 
which was a day before Super Bowl 50 that was connected to Civil Rights. 
Civil Rights=64 and so on..
2016 Taiwan Earthquake Blog Post

The story also tells us of a bridge collapse and 4 buildings collapsing. 
Interesting looking at this picture as the building has a somewhat square/cube part on the top...Also looking in the background it seems a lot of the buildings have similar attributes....Makes me wonder about what I've been saying about Happy Gilmore and the Comcast center having the black cube on top....

The president of Taiwan has an interesting bday in connection to what I was saying in 2015/2016 too. 
August 31st is the day Apollo Creed(Carl Weather/Chubbs) died. Also it's the anniversary of the worst recorded east coast earthquake in Charleston in 1886. 
Notice she was born in 56' as well. 
She won the election with 56 percent of the vote...

Today is 5 months 6 days after her bday. 
Taipei, Taiwan=56

I need to think more on this one....
Hualien city=55
Earthquake=55(rev red)
Six Point Four=78
Hualien City, Taiwan=78
Hualien, Taiwan=78(rev red)
Seventy Eight=159.....159 days after the presidents bday....
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
2/6...."Twenty Six"=159

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  1. Wow great post. I was just looking at something similar. I swear i type that in your comment box almost every time, any way 159 is related to Donald trump an jesus Christ. Also Taiwan looks a lot like Twain to me like Mark Twain the famous author from Missouri who wrote an interracial adventure story and who’s life was synced up with Haleys comet. Anyway i made a post about the gateway arch which is in missouri maybe being the silver gate that the messiah is supposed to return thru. Please check it out