Saturday, February 3, 2018

My Sisters Business is connected to Eagles

Last night I posted about my sister telling me about Albert the Bull being in a Super Bowl commerical. Albert the Bull is a statue in the small town in Iowa that she lives in...I talked about the Falcons being in the Super Bowl last year and how she lived on Falcon Avenue and now she's connected to the Eagles being in the Super Bowl...
So she was in town again today and I told her I looked up why Albert the Bull is connected to the Super Bowl. She doesn't understand Gematria nor really cares, but she doesn't get mad when I try and explain it at least. She's not gonna apply it for herself though just like most of the world. Anyway as I was telling her a bunch of stuff I noticed she was wearing a Pink Sweater that had the word "Eagle" on it. I said, you see that's the stuff I'm talking about. I'm telling you about how it's connected to the Eagles being in the Super Bowl and you are wearing a shirt with the word Eagle on it without even knowing. 
I guess it's actually the name of the business they co-own with her husbands parents...
Eagle Acres Inc located on Eagle's just hilarious as everything truly is interrelated in this world and you can see it through Kabbalah/Gematria. 
Eagle Acres Inc=78(rev red)
Albert The Bull=78(rev red)
I know her family didn't name this because they understand gematria. They have no clue what I am talking about when I try and explain it. 
Not sure of her husbands middle name but if it is Ryan like I think...his name also equals 78(rev red). 
The sweater being Pink was interesting as well as I told her that I predicted Pink to sing the National Anthem at the Halftime show in early December by following the same methods. 

Also of the 4 notable people in Audubon, Iowa that Wikipedia lists... One of them owned a law firm that The Eagles(band) were among the notable Clients. 

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