Saturday, February 10, 2018

Starman(film) starring Jeff Bridges-Death of Ralphie May-Eagles-Steve Miller Band-Space Jam-San Francisco-Philadelphia-David Bowie

I just watched Dereks video in regards to the Falcon Heavy launch.
He mentioned  how it's interesting there was a film called "Starman" that came out in 1984...
It stuck out to me considering Jeff Bridges is the star of the film. 
I've been saying there is something with "Bridges" and have mentioned Jeff Bridges more than once...
Bridges is also Jeffrey Lebowski who hates the Fucking Eagles. 
Glenn Frey of the Eagles dies just after David Bowie...The Falcon Launch happens just after the Eagles win the Super Bowl....Space Oddity came out just days before "The Eagle" landed on the Moon in 1969. 
Jeff Lebowski signs the check at Ralphs on 9/11/91....King Ralph came out in 91'...
The Soviet Union dissolved in 91' ending the Space Race..
Jeff Bridges=91
All of the stuff with the Big Lebowski/Ralph was connected to Fat Comedians and the death of Ralphie May.....
Fat Comedian=91

Interesting the launch was also 9 weeks 1 day after Jeff Bridges bday on 12/4...

That launch also 124 days(end date) after Ralphie May died....
Ralphie May a Houston(space) comedian...
Kevin Meaney=124
Chris Farley=124
Sam Kinison=124
John Belushi born on 1/24
David Huddleston died 124 days before Jeff Bridges bday on 12/4. 
John Candy dies 124 days after his bday while filming "Wagons East"=124
It's funny as I just watched the end of Uncle Buck 2 nights ago and at work today we were even talking about the Jamaican bobsled team because I guess there is a Nigerian bobsled team in the Olympics....

John Candy is also in the film "Heavy Metal" that Derek mentions in the video as well..
John Franklin Candy=91(rev red)
John Candy=94(reverse) He died in 94'. 
David Bowie=94
One Hundred Twenty Four=94(rev red)
Ralph May=94
Two Hundred Thirty One=94(another big number in May's death)..
National Anthem=231(reverse)
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse)
The Big Lebowski and 231 Recaps

In regards to Eagles...remember a major theme I've mentioned this year is the Cowboy/Space.....Space Cowboy....just think about that in regards to the Steve Miller Band who also has the song "Fly like an Eagle". Also Space Jam/Michael Jordan who is important to the Philadelphia coding...(Bridges in True Grit)
Ralphie May's bday was 2/17 just like Michael Jordans....Ralphie died on 10/6 which is the day Michael Jordan first retired from basketball....
Steve Miller Band=91(rev red)
Funny just last night my band had a gig and the song "Fly like an Eagle" was playing when we first got to the bar. My friend Pat was telling me a story of how he saw a cover band play the intro of this song for 20 minutes and it drove him crazy. 

Steven Haworth Miller=94
Could we see Steve Miller die this year? Or is it just symbolism for something in San Francisco? 
A San Francisco Band that came out the same year as the Black Panthers and Church of Satan....Also the Golden Gate Bridge...

Notice on the album The Joker(Space Cowboy) there is a song live at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia...

Notice how it says the Tower had a bad fire and after being refurbished it had it's first concert on June 14th 1972(Flag Day/Trump's bday)....also it later mentions how the Tower introduced David Bowie to America...How interesting...

Ha, even Michael Jordan's daughter in Space Jam is played by an actress named Penny Bae Bridges(Bay Bridge?)

I also just noticed that "Falcon"=261(satanic)

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