Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stock Market Meltdown the top story 1 day after Super Bowl 52 coded to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash

How interesting the day after the Super Bowl that was connected to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash we get a big story about Wall Street Plunging. 

Market Meltdown=78(rev red), 204(reverse) also 174
Herbert Hoover=78
Herbert Clark Hoover=204
Eighty Eight=174
New World Order=174
Herbert Hoover was the president during the Stock Market Crash that also signed into Congress "The Star Spangled Banner" as the official National Anthem. 
Think about the Kneeling and not standing during the Flag in the NFL. 
The Super Bowl was at "US BANK stadium"=88
H=8...Herbert Hoover....HH...88
Trump=88=Kneel=The Star Spangled Banner=Colin Kaepernick
We are currently in the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash on 10/29/1929. 
October Twenty Ninth=88

Zach posted about how there was also an article today telling us the Berlin Wall has been gone now for as long as it existed. Trump announced the winner of the election on the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down... Trump wants to build the Wall....The Richest president....Wall Street...The come out with a bunch of television shows about the Wall after he becomes president. 
Think about how we got the story yesterday about the illegal immigrant being drunk and killing the football Edwin Jackson. 
Donald Trump=48
Eighty Eight=48(rev red)
Remember when Trump won the election just before the closest super moon since 48' on Prince Charles bday...Just after the Indians lost in the World Series and they hadn't won since 48'. Also Israel declared it's independence in 48' and more. 
The 48th prime is 223....
Philadelphia=223(reverse)..also 521(satanic)
Stock Market=521(satanic)
98th season of the NFL..."ninety eight"=521(satanic)
98th prime number is 521

Notice today is also 88 days after the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down...
I know Hitler was dead but the Berlin Wall was a result of World War II....
Heil Hitler...HH...88
Mein Kampf=88   it was released in the US 8 years 88 days after it's original publishing. 
In regards to the Super Bowl November 9th leaves 52 days in the year. 
Berlin on 52N. 

Construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13/8...1961
Donald Trump=48, 138
Ku Klux Klan=138....
Think about it....Hitler dies in 45'. 
Trump the 45th president. 
Mike Pence=45 and 45(rev red)
Berlin Wall=45
Seventy One=45 and 45(rev red)
Trump is 71 years old...Herbert Hoover was 71 years older than Donald Trump and Hoover died 71 days after his bday. 
Stock Market=71(rev red)

Herbert Hoover also became president 159 days before his bday and the stock market crash happened on his 239th day as president. 
Donald Trump=159=Herbert Hoover=Francis Key
239 is the 52nd prime number. 
23/9 is the day Trump called out the Kneelers in the NFL. 
2015 was the 239th year of the US, which was important to the Pope's visit to Philadelphia and all of the Trump stuff. 
The Flag sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)

Funny as I'm writing up this post I hear the TV start talking about he Berlin Wall. I turned on Braveheart earlier, but haven't paid attention to it since. Now I'm documenting about the Berlin Wall and the TV talks about it. 

Also I'm thinking about how Bitcoin has completely flopped since it went crazy in the past year too. 

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  1. Dan - looking at the market again after today's fall, Feb 18th looks like a potential big date
    Crash = 49
    2/18/2018 = 49th day of the year (316 remaining)
    will be a "double 218"
    Death = 218 Eng Extended / 118 Jewish
    118 is relevant b/c the crash of 1929 started on Oct 24th
    It's a span of 118 days from 10/24/17 to 2/18/18
    Oct 24 also leaves 68 days remaining in the year
    Donald J Trump = 49/68