Monday, February 26, 2018

Jonathan Martin's threatening Instagram post-Dolphins Bullying Scandal-321?

We knew this story would come back up as it's all about the Civil War/Domestic Violence theme. Remember this story happened just before the Harbowl(brother vs brother)...
Jonathan Martin=158
Richie Incognito=158
They originally said Martin was mad he got moved position because of "Bryant McKinnie"=158

Remember how it was all connected back to the Nebraska Cornhuskers as well. 
Bryant McKinnie the first Blackshirt to give up his blackshirt...Richie Incognito from Nebraska....Martin wore # 71...
Nebraska=71 won their first National Title in 71'. 
LINCOLN, Nebraska...Abe Lincoln the president during the Civil War...
Martin finished his career with the 49ers who play in Levi's Stadium....Moses in the Tribe of Levi...Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...Moses/Lincoln Freed the Slaves...In 2015 Nebraska gets a bowl game they didn't deserve and plays in Levi's Stadium just before SB 50 was held there. 
The Dolphins also got SUH who from Nebraska in 2015. 
Civil War=43

Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins Oct. 30th which was 72 days after his bday(8/19). The next day the news told us it was from Bullying.  (Although Sports reference says his bday is 12/28? and his middle name Augustus not August?). 
So we found out it was from Bullying 72 days after the 1972 Dolphins visited the White House on 8/20/2013. 
Also in August 2013 we got the story of the 228 Dolphins washing up on shore...and the new star found in the Delphinus(Dolphin) constellation. Jonathan Martin's middle name is August and he was born on August 19th..

Nebraska won their 2nd championship over Alabama on 1/1/72. 
Alabama had Mike Riley on it's team...Mike Riley just fired by Nebraska for Scott Frost...

Scott Frost comes from UCF, which I never realized until now is 
"Space-grant" university. It was built with a mission to provide personnel to the growing US Space program...

There's something about 321 I am supposed to see too. I keep seeing it in things...
University of Central Florida=321
Earlier I looked up the games on Sports Reference of Chris Streets and it shows his last game was on 3-21, but that's not correct...
My computer froze up, but I still had the pages pulled up and now they are gone so I can't remember it all....Someone I recently looked up cause of a news article had a 3/21 bday and bunch of other 321's....Something to do with synchronicity of my girlfriend and daughter with the show "Henry Danger" the other day too that I had not yet documented.....but my sons name..."Zamien James Behrendt"=321(reverse)...Claire even noticed it too as she said, Hey mom the TV just said the same thing you said...
If I remember them or find more I will document them as just in the last few days I've seen it in almost everything I've looked up..

Ha just randomly checked to see what time it was while typing this too as I have to pick Claire up from school..of course it would be 3:21. 

Scott Andrew Frost=220
Jonathan Martin=220(reverse)
National Football League=220

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