Monday, February 12, 2018

Boston Police Tweet Black History Tribute to Red Auerbach and people were not Happy

This story comes on 2/11 which is a perfect day in regards to Black History...
The 42nd day of the year..
Jackie Robinson wore # 42....the real first black person in the MLB was "Moses Walker"=42 who supposedly played 42 career games. 
Satchel Paige was the first black person to pitch in the World Series. He became an MLB player age 42. 
Bus=42(Rosa Parks bday 2/4 or 4/2). She was 42 years old when she wouldn't get off the Bus. 
Slavery=42(rev red)
Blacks=42(rev red)
Darkie=42(rev red)
Nigger=42 and so on...
Red Auerbach=211(reverse)

The biggest problem people had with the tribute was that it could have just been a Bill Russell Tribute....
Bill Russell=42
Bill Russell's birthday is on the anniversary of the NAACP that was founded on 2+12+19+09=42
2/12 also the 43rd day...Lincolns Bday and so on...
Civil War=43..."Forty Three"=42
Abe Lincoln=42

The Red Sox didn't integrate until 59'. 
Rodney King=59...his birthday is 4/2. 
Countless examples of 59....February even ends on the 59th day in most years. 
Red Auerbach even turned 42 years old in the year 59'. 

The story is also about the Boston Police tweeting this tribute to Red Auerbach....
Police=60, 102(reverse)
Nigger=60, 102(reverse)
Civil War began on the 102nd day of the year....and so on...

This comes the same day that Paul Pierce aka The Truth's jersey gets retired in Boston..
The Truth=42(rev red)
He got that nickname after scoring 42 points against the Lakers. 

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