Monday, February 19, 2018

Death of Charles Richter-1985 Mexico City Earthquake

Charles Richter dies 5 months 5 days (end date) after his bday...
Earthquake=55(rev red)

Charles Richter=231(reverse)
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)
Remember 3/26 is the synaxis of Gabriel celebrating the annunciation of Jesus to Mary...

Richter Scale=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
404 verses in Revelation....
2015 was the 404th year of the 1611 King James Bible...
Pope Francis arrived in the United States at 4:04pm. 

Richter=45, 45(rev red), 81
Gabriel=45(rev red)
Bridge=45 also 117(reverse), 117(eng ext) also 107(Jewish)
Forty Five=117(reverse) also 45(rev red)
Thinking about how Valentines Day was symbolic this year... the 45th day....The 45th president...."Mike Pence"=45

Richter's final bday was 147 days(end date) before the Major Earthquake in Mexico City in 1985. 
Charles Richter=147

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