Saturday, February 3, 2018

CNN Article that more than 54,000 bridges in the US need repair

I saw this article last night on the top headlines of CNN before I went to bed. 
How interesting this would be a top article as much as I have mentioned Bridge symbolism....Notice the top state that needs bridge repair is also Iowa, the state I live in. Then # 2 is Pennsylvania which is a big piece to why the Eagles are in the Super Bowl I've been mentioning. 

Fifty Four=45 and 117(reverse)
Bridge=45, 45(rev red) and 117(reverse)
Fifty Four thousand=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

Fifty Four Thousand Bridge=131(rev red)
Structurally Deficient=131(rev red)

Structurally Deficient Bridges=131
Super Bowl=131

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