Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Prentis Robinson murdered on Facebook Live

Prentis Robinson murdered while on Facebook Live...
How ironic he had just visited the Police Station before this murder...

The guy who shot him was Douglas Colson..
Douglas Colson=49, 67
Stolen Cell Phone=67
Wingate Police=67
North Carolina=67
Wingate, North Carolina=227
227 the 49th prime number. 
Colson arrested on 2/27. 

Donnie Gay=49

Interesting too the shooters name is "Douglas Colson"=612(satanic)
612 an important number in the Valentines day shooting...
Valentines=49, 67

He was killed by a 65 year old. 
Facebook Live=65(rev red)
The 65th prime number is 313. 
Wingate, North Carolina=313(reverse)

2/23 was also Prentis' birthday...A lot of the sites made a big deal about how he just celebrated his birthday. 

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