Sunday, February 11, 2018

Death of Wally MOON-Eagles-Space-Moon Landing-Astros

I just saw this on Zach's blog but it's fitting to what I have been documenting so adding to it. 
Wally Moon=40
He dies on the 40th day of the year. 
He dies age 87 after the "Philadelphia Eagles"=87 win the Super Bowl. Also after the Falcon Heavy Launch that was coded to the Moon landing in 69' in which the Eagle landed on the Moon. 
Wally Moon played for the Dodgers who just lost the World Series to the ASTROS(Space)..

Wallace Wade Moon=57
Wallace Moon=57(rev red)
Moon Shots=57
World Series=57

He died 204 days after the anniversary of the Moon Landing..
Houston Astros=204
He died on 9/2...

I'm interested that the last time he won a WS was in 1965 which was against the Twins...then he dies age 87....which the Twins won in 87' and the Twins won again in 91' and 91 is a big "Space" number...Possibly nothing but don't want to forget my thoughts on it in case it comes back up at a later date...

He was named after Wallace Wade....
William Wallace Wade=317
Interesting he died age 94....
David Bowie=94

Funny that a bunch of articles that come up in regards to Wally Moon while searching on Yahoo involve the Eagle....I guess it's a newspaper/news website thats all about the Texas A&M Aggies in which Moon played college for....

The Eagles article about Moon even tells us that Vin Scully called his homeruns "Moon Shots" and how the Space Race was heating up so it had double meaning...

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