Sunday, February 25, 2018

Stoneman Douglas wins Tier 1 Hockey Title over Jesuit

The Stoneman Douglas Hockey team wins the Hockey title over absolute mocking...
Hockey=31 and 67. 
Notice they upset East Lake 3-1...

Then they beat Jesuit 7-4...
Jesus=74=Cross=Masonic and so on...
East Lake=74

A perfect day to win it as well...2/25..
Stoneman Douglas=225(reverse)

Hockey is perfect as I said there has been connections to the Miracle on Ice game in regards to the Olympics going on....Also the Mighty Ducks who were from Minneapolis where the Super Bowl was held....Notice Stoneman Douglas now goes on to play in the National tournament in Minnesota. 

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  1. Dallas Stars former Minnesota North Stars(1967) changed to Dallas 1993