Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Florida High School Shooting-Mascot is the Eagles-Saint Valentines Day Massacre 1929 Stock Market Crash-Chicago Cubs

Notice this school named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas who was born in Minneapolis...This shooting comes 10 days after the Super Bowl held in Minneapolis. 

I doubt it's a coincidence the mascot at the school is the "Eagles" either. Notice the Eagles Regiment(Marching Band) even played in Super Bowl 44. 

Today even 52 days before what would've been Marjory Stoneman Douglas' 128th bday. 
Super Bowl 52...
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Valentines Day=52
Ash Wednesday=128


Funny how I just recently documented about the St. Valentines Day Massacre as it happened the same year of the Stock Market today we get a massacre at a school. 
Saint Valentines Day=214....2/14..
Also remember my cousin Ryan lives in the area of this school..Last year I talked about him just before the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting....He's the only Philadelphia Eagles Fan that I know...

I'll look more later, don't have enough time at the moment..

Marjory Douglas also has the right connections to what I was talking about in regards to Chicago...
She dies age 108....
Cubs hadn't won in 108 seasons. 
Willis Tower 108 stories tall..
Great Chicago Fire on 10/8...145 years before 2016. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108
Back to the Future II is 108 minutes long...Part III came out on 14/5..1990...same year this school was founded..
Think about how the Cubs beat Miami in Back to the Future too. Back to the Future ends on 10/27/85...Philadelphia's 303rd anniversary. 
She dies on 14/5...
Chicago Illinois=145
Pope Gelasius=145(banned lupercalia-made Valentines a holiday)
William Hale Thompson born on 14/5(chicago mayor SVDM)
St. Valentines Day Massacre=145(rev red)
Luke Wilson who was in the news today also shares a bday with Bill Murray(9/21)....
This shooting happens 145 days(end date) after his 67th bday...

Also this shooting comes exactly 67 weeks after the Cubs win the World Series. 
Al Capone=67
Alfonse Gabriel Capone=108(rev red)
There's probably something to do with the reason we got the death of Chester Bennington(Linkin Park) as well.....Lincoln Park is where the St. Valentines Day Massacre was...Bennington died on the anniversary of the Moon Landing(Eagle)...Lupercalia(Wolf Festival) happens on Valentines Day....Remember how the Wolf is connected to the Moon(Howling at the Moon). Bennington was synced up to the American Eclipse along with Chris Cornell...
Lincoln Park=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
2015 was Philadelphia's 333rd year. 

Nikolas Cruz=67(rev red)
He was 19 years old...
19th prime number is 67. 

To add even more to what I'm talking about...notice Chicago Cubs player Anthony Rizzo is a notable person who attended this high school. 
Born on 8/8...
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Remember in 1929(stock market-massacre) the Cubs lost to the PHILADELPHIA A's in the World Series that began on 10/8...
From Rizzo's bday to Valentines(8/8 to 2/14) it's 6 months 7 days.  I'm telling you everything I was talking about in 2015 is coming up again. Search my videos I have about 100 of them where I talk about the importance of Valentines Day...

The anniversary of the stock market crash was 108 days before Valentines Day...Herbert Hoover born on August 10th 10/8...

Think about the Space Cowboy theme too in regards to Steve Miller....
GANGSTER of LOVE..(Gangter killing Valentines)
Coolio....GANGTAS Paradise....
Home Alone-John Heard dies-88th anniversary of St. Valentines Day Massacre
When John Heard died(dad on Home Alone) I mentioned how it's connected to the St. Valentines Day Massacre..Funny I even talked about how on Home Alone II the family goes to FLORIDA and Kevin ends up in New York....The are from Chicago. 
Home Alone=88
88th anniversary of Stock Market Crash/Valentines Massacre..
Trump=88....they tell Kevin about Herbert Hoover(88)..the president in 1929...
They even do the "Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal"-Gangter movie parts in Home Alone 1 and 2. 

Just after this we got the story of Gangster's shooting up the Jacquees Concert in Chicago too. 

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