Monday, February 26, 2018

Dwayne Wade gets emotional over shooting victim buried in his Jersey.

Does anyone else find it strange this kid was buried so fast? I mean the shooting was in the afternoon. Think how long it would take to clean up the area for one...This kid gets buried 3 days later, but more like 2 and half days later...
So he is 1 of 17 people killed, and he was 17 years old and they buried him on the 17th day of February. 
Dwayne Wade born on 1/17 and wears # 3....
He gets buried 3 days after the shooting...
This kid was a friend of the Stoneman Douglas Hockey team that beat Jesuit for the championship...Dwayne Wade went to a Jesuit University..

The Obituary says he came to america when he was 3 also...
I guess they don't put birthdays on Obituaries anymore either? 

This story comes 40 days after Wade's bday too. 
Wades first game back with the Heat was on 2/9 which is the 40th day of the year. 
Miami, Florida=214(reverse)

Wade also left the Bulls on 9/24 and 3 days later signed with the Cavaliers...
9/24 was Nikolas Cruz's bday...
Joaquin Oliver=69, 168
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168

He was at the Bulls as a part of the "Three Alphas" with Rondo and Butler...Interesting Butler tears his meniscus...also from Minneapolis that was connected to Marjory Stoneman Douglas...Also the Heat played Philadelphia on Valentines Day...Also Rondo and Isaiah Thomas got in a fight on Valentines Day over Paul Pierce's JERSEY retirement....
It makes me wonder....Kobe's jersey retirement was important.....last year around the NBA Finals I mentioned how there seems to be a connection to New Jersey...Remember on Valentines Day Michael Jordan had to get a New Jersey as someone stole his....who knows just thinking as this stories main point is Dwayne Wade's jersey...Lebron ripped his Jersey sleeves synced up to 9/23 before the Cavs won the NBA Finals....

Today the 57th day of the year..
NBA Finals=57(rev red)

This story comes 94 days before the NBA Finals..
Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr=94(rev red)

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