Friday, February 9, 2018

Isaiah Thomas traded to the Lakers-The riddle with Magic Johnson and best friend Isiah Thomas

A big story in sports today is the Cleveland Cavaliers trading off a bunch of their players. Isaiah Thomas-Dwyane Wade-Derrick Rose and more...

Today is a perfect day for this to happen as it's the 114th day of the NBA Season. 
Lebron James=114
Cleveland Cavaliers=114
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=67
Los Angeles Lakers=67(k)

These trades happen when the Cavaliers have a record of 31-22...
Houston=31, 112
Oakland=22, 31
The Lakers current record is the opposite 22-31. 
Pistons=31 and 112

Today is 112 days before the NBA Finals....

Today having a date numerology of 2+8+20+18=48 is also interesting. 
James=48 and 223(satanic)
Remember King James died 2 months 23 days before his bday. 
223 is the 48th prime number. 
Cleveland=48(rev red)
Dwayne Wade=48(rev red)
Jordan Clarkson=223(reverse)

Think about Isaiah Thomas going to the Lakers as well. All the way back to when his sister died I have been talking about the connection to the Lakers/Rockets/Pistons/Golden State....
All the articles talking about how Lebron can't upset the Warriors in the Finals but he has a better shot now...
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Houston Rockets=175(reverse)
Detroit Pistons=175(reverse)
Isiah Thomas=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)
Isiah Thomas(Piston) was best friends with Magic Johnson who is now the President of Operations of the Lakers....Thomas also lost the NBA Finals to Magic and the Lakers in 1988 and Won against Magic in 1989. Then beat Michael JORDAN in 1990. 
Jordan Clarkson traded for Isiah Thomas....
Dennis Rodman was also on that Pistons team(later a Laker too/North Korea/Olympics in South Korea began tomorrow). 
Also think about how the Super Bowl this year was the same teams as 2004 Season(Patriots vs Eagles)....Remember in 2004 the Pistons beat the Lakers to win the NBA Finals. Think about Kobe tearing his achilles against the Warriors in 2012 when the Heat beat the Thunder....becoming the first Eastern Conference team to win the Finals the year after losing the finals since the 1989 Detroit Pistons. Also the first overall teams since the Lakers in 2009 won over the Celtics.....Isaiah the former Celtic. 
Isiah Thomas tore his achilles vs Orlando just before the Rockets won the NBA Finals. That was also his final game ever...Then the next year the Rockets beat Shaq's Orlando Magic in the Finals. Think about that in regards to MAGIC Johnson...Magic Finished his career against the Rockets. 
Magic Johnson named Lakers President of Operations

Larry Nance Jr. fits in because he's from Akron, Ohio which is where Lebron James/Steph Curry are from. His father also a famous Cleveland Cavalier...

The Lakers also got Channing Frye who was born on 17/5. 
Pope Francis=175
Caldwell Pope's jail sentence story he didn't play against Cleveland, then played against Golden State, then didn't play against Houston...

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