Wednesday, February 7, 2018

SpaceX launches FALCON Heavy-David Bowie-Apollo 11-The EAGLE has landed

Falcon Heavy=49
Space Oddity=49
David Bowie=49
David Jones=49(his real name)
Tesla Roadster=49
Remember Bowie died age 69 of Cancer....The astrological symbol for Cancer looks like a 69... The Moon Landing also happened during the sign of Cancer. 7/20/69. 
Sixty Nine=49
Elon Reeve Musk=69(rev red)

It's also the 49th launch of the Falcon Family for Space X

The mannequin that went along with Musk's car was nicknamed "Starman"=49(rev red)

Davide Bowie died 2 years 27 days before this launch..
227 is the 49th prime number. 

Think about it...Space Oddity released just days before the launch of Apollo 11 in which Neil Armstrong supposedly was the first to walk on the Moon. This was in the year 69'...and 2018 will be the 49th anniversary of the first Moon landing. 
This story of the Falcon launch comes just after the Eagles win the Super Bowl...
Apollo 11 is known for a famous quote of "The EAGLE has landed". 
Remember how just after David Bowie died we got the death of Eagles Glenn Frey age 67..and it was 67 days after the Eagles of Death Metal shooting and then 49 days after Frey we got the death of Randy Meisner's wife...
Glenn Lewis Frey=69(rev red)
Lana Meisner=69(rev red)
Sixty Nine=49

I was talking about this last year as it was called Falcon and the Falcons were in the Super Bowl...
Super Bowl 52 played in Minnesota where Prince was from...they even did a halftime tribute to Prince....Remember Prince died on the night of a Full Moon age 57 which was also Queen Elizabeth II's bday...and 2/6 is her annivesary of being Queen. 
He died on the 112th day of 2016(4/21)...The Simpsons killed Prince in an episode that aired on 11/ that episode the also killed Neil Armstrong. Prince connected to the the 112th WS that came to an end just before the closest Super Moon since 48'...Indians hadn't won since 48'...Israel gained independence in 48'..the Jews Identify with the Moon. "Donald Trump"=48 and won the election at this same time. The Simpsons episode with Lisa president elect after Trump was a vision from the Indian Casino and so on..
Eugene Cernan died age 82 last year(last to walk on moon)
Neil Armstrong died age 82(first to walk on moon)
First Moonwalker=82
Last Moonwalker=82
82nd prime is 421
John Glenn died 4 months 21 days after his bday. 
April Twenty First=82
Also the same day of the Super Moon we got an Earthquake in New Zealand...Then just before John Glenn died we got a story of Buzz Aldrin in the hospital in New Zealand reading about Kim Kardashian. 

We just got the death of John Young 32 days ago as well. He landed on the Moon with Apollo 16 on 4/21. 
Thirty Two=49(rev red)

Buzz Aldrin=52
Super Bowl 52....
He's currently 88 years old which was super important to the SB this year. 
Also notice his real name is "Edwin"....think about that in regards to getting the death of Colts player "Edwin Jackson". 

This story comes 165 days(end date) before the anniversary of Apollo 11(The Eagle) landing on the Moon. 
Elon Reeve Musk=165
Neil Armstrong=165
Scottish Rite=165

It's also 201 days after the anniversary which was on the 201st day of the year in 2017. 
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
Buzz Aldrin born on 20/1. 

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