Sunday, February 25, 2018

2008 New Town Killers Film predictive programming for Sandy Hook

Something made me think of this movie earlier and I wanted to document it on the blog. I have a video somewhere about this movie and Sandy Hook predictive programming. 

Anyway this movie is called New Town Killers. 
Sandy Hook was in Newtown, Connecticut....
In this movie the main character is wearing a shirt that say "S&D"
S and D....Sandy....
Interesting too it says it came out on 6/ much as that number has been talked about lately in regards to School shootings. 

Remember the story of this guy who was at the Aurora shooting and lived next to Newtown? 
Stephen Barton=612(satanic)

Newtown, Connecticut=241
Adam Peter Lanza=241(reverse)
Adam Lanza=53(rev red)
53rd prime is 241. 

There was so much to the Batman Shooting(7/20) and how it was interrelated into Sandy Hook...Not gonna re-list everything..just wanted to point out the "S&D" in this film..

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  1. S&D could be related to Stoneman Douglas, too. Their baseball caps have "SD" on them, exact replica of the "SD" on the San Diego Padres hats.