Monday, February 19, 2018

Black Panther screening accidentally plays "Fifty Shades Freed"- 2015 Info in regards to the "Grey" "Civil War" Theme

Of Course this would happen in Atlanta that has a high black population...
Atlanta=69, 48(rev red)
Black Panther=48, 69(rev red)
Fifty=69(rev red)
The major joke in this story is a play on the Civil War...
In the Civil War the Confederates wore different shades of GREY uniforms as they couldn't afford to dye to material. 

Remember when 50 Shades of Grey came out in the theaters just before we got Grey's Anatomy killing off Patrick Dempsey's character. 
Then later that year we got the death of his girlfriend on "Can't Buy Me Love"..(Amanda Peterson)...Died age 43..."Civil War"=43
Interesting too in regards to my post about Jennifer Garner...Meredith Grey(Dempsey's wife on the show) is played by Ellen Pompeo...She's in the film Daredevil....and Patrick Dempsey is a main character in the film "Valentines Day"....Can't Buy Me Love his character is really into Space/Moon...even buys the love instead of a telescope. Can't Buy Me Love also had the "Black" Remake with Nick Cannon...Dempsey got his start in Philadelphia. 

A bunch of other "Gray" in media stories at the time...Even the Grays Sports Almanac from BTTF in 2015. Lupercalia was big this year as well and I was mentioning the Grey Wolf...Grey Aliens...

Anyway this was around the same time we got the Freddie Gray story that was synced up the Civil War. Freddie Gray was arrested on the same day the Civil War began and died on the same day of the first death in the Civil War. He was from Baltimore and the first death of the Civil War was in Baltimore. 
Remember too how I showed the connection to the 1991 films "Freddie's Dead" and "Drop Dead Fred"...Freddie Mercury died in 1991 too. 
Tina GRAY is the first person ever killed by Freddy Krueger....Then we got the death of Wes Craven later in the Year, while Tropical storms Fred and Ericka were happening....Freddie Grays twin sister was Frederika. His othe sister was "Carolina" and those tropical storms hit the Carolinas...just too much lol. 
Freddie's Dead came out on 9/13 the mirror date of 4/19. (leaves 256 in year and the 256th day)..Drop Dead Fred came out on 4/19. 

Think about it....50 Shades FREED....The Civil War FREED the slaves. 

No surprise the actor who is the "Black Panther" is Chadwick Boseman. 
Chadwick Boseman=59, 131
Atlanta Georgia=59, 131
Negro=59=Slave and so on...
Civil War ended on 5/9. 

I went back and listened to some of my old videos and it's funny as I talked about Wes Craven on my video in April and mispoke and said he died....Yet he was still alive at the time. He died later that year though...I have a whole playlist on his death being connected to Freddie Gray and Kanye West singing the Queen song by Freddie Mercury at Glastonbury...Kanye West had all the connections to Taylor Swift and the VMA's and then Wes Craven died the same day as the VMA's in 2015. 
Kanye West=1551(Jewish)
Remember Trump came out to We are the Champions(Queen) at his national convention...
Elizabeth II became surpassed Victoria for longest reigning Monarch...but she became Queen 51 years 15 days after Victoria died. 
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama...
Pope Francis was 15 years old in 51'. 
Taylor Swift=51
Kanye West=51
Waynes World=51(Bohemian Rhapsody that Kanye Sang)

Freddie Mercury was gay and had BAD BLOOD...Then Taylor Swift comes out with the song BAD BLOOD.. All of this was just after Gay Marriage was legalized and Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. Kanye married to Kim Kardashian....
Kanye West went on stage and hated on Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's on 13/9. 
Kanye later faked like he was going to do it to Beck too at the Grammys in 2015....Becks Album was "Morning Phase"=139
It was 139 days before Kanye sang the Queen Song at Glastonbury and some guy got on Stage to mess with Kanye. It was 139 days before the Paris Attacks(a lot more to this but recapping for myself). "Everyone has Aids"..Charlies Sheen HIV....
Taylor Swift also in "Valentines Day"...
Taylor Swift=168=Beyonce Knowles=Queen Elizabeth II

Something else interesting I want to document is...
Fifty=521(Jewish)...50 shades..50 states?
Stock Market=521(satanic) also 161(reverse)
American Civil War=161
Phi begins with 1.61...

Charles Richter=231(reverse)

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