Thursday, February 1, 2018

Paris Train Attack Heroes to portray themselves in new Film-Congress Train wreck-Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis

I was at my parents house earlier tonight and the 6pm News was on. They had this story running about the Thalys Train Attack guys going to portray themselves in a new film. 
Yet again another story I talked about in 2015. 
2015 Playlist of Alek Skarlatos-Roseburg Shooting-Spencer Stone Stabbed-Back to the Future-Trains
Remember these guys stopped the terrorist on the train in August and then on October 1st we got the Roseburg, Oregon School Shooting. Alek Skarlatos went to that same school. Then on October 8th we got the story of Spence Stone being stabbed in Sacramento. 

Clint Eastwood of all people to produce the film as well....Marty McFly is Clint Eastwood...San Francisco....Bridges of Madison County and so on....

I'm sure there's a lot more, but I'm going to bed early tonight. 

We also got this train wreck story today as well. Train with Congress Members...
Anyway notice how the article makes sure to tell us of Jason Lewis of Minnesota going to the hospital for a concussion....
Think about Concussions in regards to Football and the Super Bowl being held in Minnesota. 

Notice Jason Lewis' bday of 9/23....the special day to the Pope....Donald Trump calling out the Kneeling...Flag symbolism. 
Jason Lewis=62(rev red)
He's 62 years old...
Minneapolis=62(rev red)
Super Bowl LII=62

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