Monday, February 5, 2018

Malcolm Butler not playing defense-Tribute to Super Bowl 49 in connection to the South Carolina Amtrak Collision

The reason Malcom Butler didn't get to play and they put emphasis on Stephon Gilmore was because it's the opposite of Super Bowl 49 in which Butler gained popularity. 
Remember Butler # 21 intercepted Russell Wilson's 21st pass on 2nd and 1 and fell to the ground with 21 seconds left...The game was on 2/1....

The Seahawks should've ran the ball to # 24 Marshawn Lynch but he already had 24 carries in the game and the Seahawks had 24 points. "Seahawks"=24

Stephon Gilmore wears # 24...
Today is 2/4. 
It's also interesting that they made a deal about it in the game how he was defending Alshon Jeffery(his college roommate at South Carolina)..
Stephon Stiles Gilmore=98
Tom Brady=98

The University of South Carolina is in Columbia, South Carolina that is just miles away from Cayce, South Carolina where we got a big Amtrak collision today. 

The Train had 147 people on board...
Malcolm Butler=147
2 killed, 116 injured...118
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118

The Trains collided next to a "Bridge" as fitting...

Also think about Marshawn Lynch(SB 49) and the Seahawks in relation to the Amtrak Derailment we got in December in the Seattle area. It was in Dupont that means "from the bridge" and it wrecked off the overpass(bridge). 
It also happened on Kobe's retirement day that had a lot of connections to 117 and 81....numbers important to Bridge..

The Dupont wreck came 1 month 17 days before the Cayce wreck. 

Edgar Cayce-Christ Consciousness Post
Interesting about a week ago I mentioned Edgar Cayce on my blog too. He has a bunch of connection to Pole shifts/Earthquakes...
Notice he died in 45'
Edgar Cayce=45
What sticks out to me in regards to that post as well is how I talked about 318...
Cayce born on 3/18....
The Worst recorded East Coast Earthquake was also in South Carolina on 31/8...1886. Wikipedia doesn't say it's the worst recorded one anymore, but I know somewhere in one of my videos I talked about how it said that..It now says it's "One" of them, yet looking further I still haven't seen any with a bigger magnitude. 
Charleston Earthquake=318(reverse)

They also zoomed in on Malcolm Butler during "America the Beautiful"...
America the Beautiful=333(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish) was all about the 239th year of the US which was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. 

Butler born on the 61st day of the year too. 
Philadelphia=61(rev red)

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