Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ex-FBI Agent Breaks down on Wolf Blitzer show-Lupercalia-Children of God

I love the story of this guy fake crying on CNN....The reason it's a headline is because it's Wolf Blitzer...remember Valentines Day is the 2nd day of Lupercalia in which they celebrate and sacrifice a Wolf. 

A Child of God is dead is the big thing he mentioned before he broke down...
Remember when I was talking about Stand By Me I mentioned how River Phoenix was in the religous group, "Children of God"....just makes me wonder if this is part of why he says this on the CNN headline? 
Child of God=56
Fifty Six=44(rev red), 98(reverse)
Lupercalia=44, 98
Massacre=56(rev red)

Children of God=231(reverse)
"A Child of God is Dead"=333(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
2015 was the 333rd year of Philadelphia..
PHIL Mudd...

I can't do it wolf=151
Valentines Day=151

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