Saturday, February 17, 2018

Nikolas Cruz's birthday the same day my Grandma died-Death of my Neighbor-Uncle-Cubs-Eagles-Moon

I was watching Brother Berg's video at work today and he pointed out something I didn't fully think about...Nikolas Cruz was born on 9/24....Remember 9/24 is the day my Grandma died on Eagle Street. My Cousin Ryan lives really close to where this School Shooting happened and even named his latest child "Ellie" after our Grandma. (Named her before she died, but still interesting). He's the only Philadelphia Eagles Fan I've ever known too. I even talked about the small town that my sister lives in was featured in a super bowl commercial. The Business she owns is called "Eagle Acres" and last year I found out she lives on "Falcon Ave" at my grandma's with Ryan's dad...The death of my uncle Barney(grandma's son) was showing me the Falcons in the Super Bowl...Now Ryan's dad is in the hospital with something majorly wrong with his Lungs/breathing. Anyway my sisters maiden name "Michelle Marie Behrendt"=924(satanic)....Ryan's daughter also born on August 10th 2015....10/8(Cubs, Herbert Hoover)...she was born 777 days before my Grandma died...My Grandma was exactly 7 years 7 months 7 days younger than my Granpa(her husband).."US Bank Stadium"=777....Remember My Grandma's first child to die also died 1,440 days before her.."EL..the keeper of Time"..Her son was "Kelly Charles Murphy"=1440(Jewish)...1,440 minutes in a day.."Time"=144(Jewish)...

Notice that Cruz was born in 1998 too. The same year the Marjory Stoneman Douglas died on May 14th.  Notice she was born exactly 19 weeks after she died...He did this shooting at age 19..
Nikolas Cruz=67
19th prime number is 67. 
9/24 leaves 98 days in the year as well...
The Eagles vs Patriots Super bowl was all about 98...even the 98th season of the NFL. 

Philadelphia is the city of Brotherly LOVE..think Valentines...I forgot all about this until I saw Brother Berg's video. 

Phil even comes from the Greek verb meaning "to Love"...Remember in 2013/2014 we kept getting all the PHIL stuff....Uncle PHIL on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air(Philadelphia) died...Phil on Duck Dynasty hated Gays...Phillip Seymour Hoffman dying while Phillip Phillips was singing "Gone, Gone, Gone" before the Super Bowl...
I wonder if we get the death of Prince Philip this year? 
Phi begins with 1.61....Prince Philip born on the 161st day of the year. Brother Berg Video Link He shows a lot of 161 connections in the video as well. 

This shooting had the Chicago Cubs Tribute and the Philadelphia Eagles Tribute....I'm just thinking about how my neighbor/my grandma's neighbor died in connection to my grandma that I documented. Remember he was a huge CUBS fan and died after the Cubs win the World Series. My Uncle Barney was also a Cubs fan and died just after the Cubs won the World Series...
Barney died on 1/14..
The Cubs were in their 114th season being called the Cubs...They won the World Series getting their 114th win of the Season. 
The Cubs tied on the same day as the Hoboken Train Wreck supposedly injuring 114 people...
The last time there was a tie was in 2005 when the Astros did it against the Reds 114 days before the Astros vs White Sox World Series began....My Uncle took his wife to the Cubs vs REDS game on 8/8/2005 for their 25th wedding anniversary....Anthony Rizzo(cubs) went to Stoneman Douglas and born on 8/8...My Uncle even quit drinking on 8/8/88...
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

My Granda/Uncles last name is "Murphy" the Curse of the Billy Goat came from a Goat named "Murphy". Even Murphy was found in 1934 the year my grandma was born...When they moved to Dunlap they owned the Bar...Murphy's Tavern..

2005 was the same year the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl...Now we have the Astros win the 2017 World Series and the Eagles win the Super Bowl in the 2017 season. 

My Uncle's death all about the Flintstones....and then I find out my grandma is originally from "Flintstone, Georgia"...just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee...where Ralphie May was from...The Ralphie May stuff goes back to the Big Lebowski who hates the Fucking Eagles.....The original Flintstones episode was called "The FLAGstones"....The Flag symbolism all connected to Philadelphia...

Even thinking about the Jennifer Garner stuff that was showing me Valentines....I noticed it because of her connections to Ben Affleck(Batman)....Remember the Batman Theater shooting happened on 7/20 which was the anniversary of the "Eagle" landing on the Moon. 

Yesterday I was wearing this shirt at work that my Uncle gave all of us before he died. Some customer asked me about it and I told him it was some softball team my uncles/relatives back in the day. The guy then told me it's probably something to do with "Murphy's Law"..."Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"...I thought possibly that's why they had this name? 

Anyway I just looked up "Murphy's Law" and the history of it on Wiki mentions Augustus De Morgan which interestingly has a crater on the MOON named after him...
Murphy's Law=51(rev red) also 156
De Morgan's Law=51
156 is interesting to in regards to things going "Bad"..156th prime is 911 and so on...
Earlier tonight I took Zamien up to the gas station where Jasmine is working and she wanted food from the Dairy Sweet....I went down and picked it up and the drive through bell thing wasn't working...I was sitting there just looking at the sky and noticed the Moon looked strange. I couldn't get a picture as my phone sucks but you could see the outline of the moon and only the crescent part was lit up. Since no one came to the drive through window I drove around the block and went inside to get the food. While waiting I was looking on my phone to see if there was a special event with the moon/eclipse tonight and didn't see anything. Then right after that my total bill came to $19.69 the year of the Moon Landing. Just thought that was funny. 

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