Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fletcher Cox Wears Wrestling Mask during media session-Rey Mysterio and the death of Eddie Guerrera in Minneapolis-Mexico City Earthquake-Marshawn Lynch Standing for Mexican National Anthem-Charles Manson

Fletcher Cox wears a wrestling mask during interview. The Royal Rumble synced up to the Super Bowl...
Lucha Libre=91 also 62(rev red)
Cox wears # 91. 
Vikings=91(hosting the super bowl)
Minnesota=62(rev red)
Super Bowl LII=62

This story comes 49 days or 1 month 18 days after his bday. 
Philadephia, Pennsylvania=118=Patriots=Tom Brady
1/31...."Super Bowl"=131
Fletcher Cox=52
Minnesota=52....Super Bowl 52. 

There's a riddle here in regards to Mexico and Trump mad about Marshawn Lynch standing for the Mexican National Anthem..It was before the Raiders game against the Patriots in Mexico City this year. 
Mexicans, At the Cry of War=98, 118(rev red) also 316(reverse)
Remember that game was the same day Charles Manson died as well...that 316 is perfect...I never even thought about this before when Charles Manson died...
Three Hundred Sixteen=98(rev red)
Pope Francis bday is 316 days after the Super bowl...

The article also mentions Jack Black and the film Nacho Libre that came out in 2006....Also though it reminds me of Rey Mysterio...who won the Royal Rumble in 2006. 
Rey Mysterio=62(rev red)
He lasted 62 minutes in that Royal Rumble as well..

Mysterio also known for his teaming and Feud(real life friendship) with Eddie Guerrero who died 2 months 17 days prior at the age of 38 in Minneapolis, Minnesota....
Eddie Guerrero=217(reverse)

Also the Mexico City Earthquake was 61 or 62 days(end date) before the Patriots played in Mexico City. 
Philadelphia=61(rev red)
Super Bowl LII=62
Minneapolis=62(rev red)
9/19 the 262nd day of the year. 
September Nineteenth=98(rev red) also 91
November Nineteenth=91
I also find it interesting as in 2015 I kept saying 9/19 was a day to watch out for....Also I mentioned James Garfield as he died on 9/19 and born on 11/19...he died at the Train Station and so on..."James Garfield"=79(rev red) and dies 79 days after being shot...
James Garfield=858(Jewish)
58 and 85 the Earthquake numbers....The Mexico City Earthquake was 585 days after Pope Francis visited Mexico City...The Study of Earthquakes goes back to 585 BC and so on...