Thursday, February 8, 2018

2014 Philae Space Probe in light of Super Bowl 52-Space Theme

I was thinking about the Falcon Heavy Rocket and Space again today. Also the Asteroid that passed Earth the same day as the Super Bowl and remembered in 2014/2015 we got the story of the Philae Spacecraft. It was the first to supposedly land on a comet....
Just wanted to document it in regards to Philly winning the Super Bowl and this Spacecraft being called PHILAE. 
It even landed on 11/12 which was the 316th day of the year...Charles Manson's bday(Kneeling) and so on.. 
Both numbers that were special to what I was talking about with the Super Bowl. 

It landed 1180 days before SB 52. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
Interesting it was 3 years 2 months 23 days too. 32 23...

It was named after the Philae Obelisk as well. 
Notice it was obtained by William John BANKES...The Super Bowl was played at US BANK Stadium. 

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