Sunday, February 18, 2018

Team Lebron wins NBA All Star Game-Philadelphia-Pope Francis-Trump-Jesuits

Team Lebron wins the All Star Game...
Team Lebron=333(Jewish) 
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Team Stephen=444(Jewish)
Remember Lebron James called out Trump on 23/9 the same day Trump called out the NFL. 
The Flag sewn in Philadelphia at 239 Arch Street. 
9/23 was big with the Pope's Visit to the US and Philadelphia in 2015. 
2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. 
Trump born on Flag Day. 

I need to watch the whole game, I only caught bits and pieces but I saw the score was tied at 109-109...
Los Angeles=109
All Star Game=109

Donald J. Trump=148
Team Lebron score 148 points. 
The All Star game was 148 days after 9/23. 

Lebron shooting 12-17 reminds me of the Pope's bday as well. 
Team Stephen scores 145 points...
Jorge Bergoglio=145
Team Stephen=444
Remember Lebron James born 3 months 3 days after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits..."Jesus"=444  Died age 33. Lebron is 33 years old. 
The Pope's 1,189th day as Pope was on Donald Trump's bday. Also the same year Lebron won the NBA Finals with Cleveland. 
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish)
Kevin Durant=1189(Jewish)

Team Lebron=42, 57(rev red), 165(reverse)
NBA Finals=42, 57(rev red), 165(reverse)
Lebron James=42

I know I heard Reggie Miller talking about how it's good Lebron is fighting back about the "Shut up and Dribble" remarks. He then says Lebron is like many people in this country who only graduated High School and created themselves as a Putting the Truth right in our faces. 

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  1. 148 points and 293 total points, coming 148 days after 9/23. Unbelievable.