Monday, February 26, 2018

Jordan Bohannon passes up on Iowa's Free Throw Record held by Chris Street

Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Jordan Bohannon=145
Free Throw=55
This happens against Northwestern. 
Northwestern=145(rev red)

He purposely missed so the record could be tied with former Hawkeye Chris Street who died in a car accident. 
The record is 34 free throws...
Hawkeyes=34, 119(reverse)
Notice Chris Street died on 1/19 when his car collided with a Snow Plow...
Snow Plow=34(rev red)

Chris Street also dies just before the game against Northwestern. 

Iowa's coach is Fran McCaffery. 
Fran McCaffery=119

Free Throws=56
This story happened on 2/25 the 56th day of the year. 
Thirty Four=56(rev red)
Bohannon wheres # 3. 
Fifty Six=55

I doubt it's a coincidence that his last name is "Street" and he died on the Street after hitting a snow plow either. 

Chris Street wore # 40...
Notice Bohannon the only player to play 40 minutes. He also scored 25 points on the 25th day of the year.
Forty=24(rev red)
Iowa=24(rev red)

The memorial game was against Purdue when the were ranked # 3 as well....Just has me thinking back to last year in regards to the Space Theme that is currently ongoing....
Purdue is where Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan both attended..First and Last to Walk on the Moon...
Street died in 93' the same year Iowa along with other midwestern states got the really bad Floods...We just had the Houston Astros(space) win the World Series in connection to the Floods....

Nile Kinnick died supposedly died on 6/2 as well. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=62(rev red)
Born on 7/9 or 9/7....."Hawkeyes"=97
With the S exception Hawkeyes=43 like the year he died. 
Notice he wore # 24. 
Iowa=24(rev red)
Kinnick dies age 24. 

Kinnick Stadium built in 29'. 
Iowa has Interstate 29'. 
The only president from Iowa the 29th state was Herbert Hoover. 
The president during the Stock Market Crash on the 29th of October in the year 29'. 

Hawkeyes=34, 38(rev red)
Lute Olson=34
Hayden Fry=38(rev red)

Iowa Hawkeyes=62(rev red)
Kirk Ferentz=62

Funny I remember getting Acie Earl's autograph as a kid...
Acie Boyd Earl=55
He wore # 55. 

Not every single player has these connections but I guarantee any news story about them will. Also they will die in connection to one of them. 

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  1. Google Chris Shields AR-15. He's a guy who gave up one of his guns after seeing the parkland shooting. He's from Omaha, Nebraska and in one of the news videos he his wearing a big lebowski tshirt.