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Audubon, Iowa's "Albert the Bull" to be featured in a Cenex Super Bowl 52 Commercial

My sister came over earlier tonight to see Zamien. While she was here she told me the town she lives in is going to be on a Super Bowl Commercial. It's only about 40 minutes or so from where I live, but I've never really been to the town. I've drove through it a few times, but never really stopped and my sister lives in the country. 
Anyway I guess they have this famed Bull Statue named "Albert the Bull". The gas company Cenex is doing a commercial and using the town and this Bull in their ad. 
Albert the Bull Article Link
Albert=41(rev red)
Super Bowl=41

Audubon located on 41N. 
A big thing in the video about Albert the Bull was that he had Blue Eyes and people complained saying Bulls don't have Blue eyes. 
Blue Eyes=41
The High School Mascot name in Audubon is Wheelers. 

Albert the Bull=78(rev red)

Albert the Bull appears in the film Beethovens 3rd...was also a question on Jeopardy....
Jeopardy=41(rev red)
Beethoven's Third=78(rev red) also 231(reverse)
I'll have to try and find some of these things he is on...

It's also interesting in regards to Saturn/El being the Bull God...
Audubon, Iowa=511(satanic)

I wonder if anything special will happen in the game after this commercial airs?(3rd quarter) Or possibly there will be another significant commercial to the coding of the game....

Super Bowl Commercial=88 and 223
88 the big number around the kneeling stuff...
Kneel=88=Trump=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=US Bank Stadium...88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash and so on..Herbert Hoover(HH..88). 
Also 223...

Commercial=61(rev red) and 231(Jewish)
Philadelphia=61(rev red)
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit=Cross=Christian=Church=Bull=Time
National Anthem=231(reverse)

The town laid out on 9/23...1878. 
9/23 the day Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling...Important to Pope Francis' visit the US/Philadelphia...

The town named after John James Audubon....
He died age 65 on 1/27....
His major work is the "The Birds of America"....The Patriots playing "Eagles"..last year played the "Falcons"....The bird of America is the Eagle....US Bank Stadium known as the Bird Killing Stadium...
John James Audubon=88(rev red)

Wikipedia also tells of his experience of the New Madrid Earthquake in 1811....crazy that's even written in on Wiki...

It's funny to me as if you recall last year I talked about the Falcons and how they were connected to the Death of My Uncle just before the Super Bowl. I also mentioned something in regards to my sister living on Falcon Ave and now the town she lives in has a connection to the Super Bowl again. 
Blog post where I mention my sister and Falcon Avenue

What's crazier in regards to the link above is I also showed the connections to my Uncle Clancy and my Grandma. Remember my Uncle Barney died just before the SB last year with a bunch of stuff related to the Miami Dolphins showing me the Atlanta Falcons. Barney even wrecked his truck just before getting to the town where the high school mascot is the Falcons. 
Anyway my Uncle Clancy is currently in the hospital out of nowhere. Just after Christmas this year he went to the doctor/hospital as he has something wrong with his breathing. He had to go on oxygen, but was seemingly ok. Then a few days ago one of his lungs collapsed(at least this is what I was told) and he's still in the hospital. So I just find it strange that I would mention him in regards to the connection to my grandma who just died in September in a post from last February...
Uncle Clancy=41(rev red)
Grandma Murphy=159
Clancy Murphy=159
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Herbert Hoover=159
Francis Key=159
Hoover signed into the Congress the Star Spangled Banner to be the official national anthem. 
Seventy Eight=159...."Albert the Bull"=78=Audubon"

Barney's death was all about the Flintstones, then I found out my grandma was from Flintstone, Georgia...Clancy's son Timmy was Fred Flintstone the year I was Jesus for Halloween...All of this stuff I've mentioned previously and more...
Timmy was in the car wreck with my best friends brother who died that was all connected to Saturn and he even died on 5/11 in a Saturn(car). 
Saturn the Bull...the Keeper of Time
Saturn=303(satanic)....Remember Back to the Future ends on the 303rd anniversary of Philadelphia...Back to the Future all about Donald Trump....There's a lot going on and too much to type lol. 

Also I mentioned Clancy's other son Ryan last year who lived near Fort Lauderdale and the next day we got the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting....The reason I mention this is because Ryan is the only Philadelphia Eagles fan I know...Timmy is a Lions Fan...In basketball I'm pretty sure they both liked the Houston Rockets as I mentioned last year....Ryan's newest child(daughter) even named after our Grandma...My Grandma lived and died on Eagle Street. 

World's Largest Bull=239(reverse)
239 the 52nd prime number....Super Bowl 52 and much more in regards to 239 I've mentioned....Flag sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia and so on..

Another thought...
Albert The Bull=48 also 78(rev red)
Donald Trump=48
But also Herbert Hoover the only president from Iowa..
Herbert Hoover=78
Football=29....Iowa the 29th State...Stock Market Crash on the 29th of October in 1929...The 10th prime number is even 29...10/29..It's why Iowa has Interstate 29 from North to South....Kinnick Stadium built in 29' and more..
It's why on the movie Home Alone they tell Kevin that Herbert Hoover once stayed at that Hotel...and Kevin says, "The Vacuum Guy"? This happens not long after he passes Donald Trump in the Hallway at the Hotel. 
We also got the death of John Heard on 7/21/17 which is 6 months 14 days before the Super Bowl....
Herbert Hoover=614(satanic)
Trump's bday is 6/14....Flag Day..
Home Alone=88=Trump=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=Kneel=US Bank Stadium....88th anniversary of Stock market Crash...HH=88

Albert the Bull also dedicated 1 day after Herbert Hoover died. 

Today we got this story as well as the Dow dropping 666 points. The worst day since Brexit. 

Hoover was also 71 years older than Donald Trump...Hoover died 71 days after his bday....
Donald Trump is currently 71 years old...
Albert the Bull is next to Highway 71...
It was dedicated on 10/21 that leaves 71 days in the year. 
Cenex Commercial=71
Audubon, Iowa=45, 171(reverse)
Seventy One=45 and 45(rev red)
Trump the 45th president...
Mike Pence=45 and 45(rev red)
Catholic=35, 71...Trump went to a Jesuit university..
JFK the 35th and only Catholic President was the last assassinated president. 
Stock Market=71(rev red)....also 161(reverse) also 521(satanic)
Super Bowl LII=161

It's awesome just last night I realized something special about 521..
521 is the 98th prime number...
Ninety Eighty=521(satanic)
Now I'm seeing "Stock Market"=521(satanic)
Been saying how 98 is all about the Patriots but makes ya wonder...
Tom Brady=98=New England Patriots=Michigan Wolverines and so on...
98th season of the NFL...hosted by the "Vikings"=98(reverse)
Stock Market Crash=185 and 103(rev red)
Donald John Trump=185
Super Bowl 52 is 103 days after the anniversary of Black Thursday and 98 days after the anniversary of Black Tuesday. 

Off Topic but Earthquakes symbolism is really big as well and the last time the Eagles won a NFL Championship game was in 1960. That was the year of the worst ever recorded Earthquake in Valdivia...
That's why Moses Malone died age 60(Philadelphia) and "Darryl Dawkins"=60(Philadelphia) and Kobe Scored 60 points in his final game connected to their deaths(Philadelphia)...Also why Flip Saunders(Minnesota) died age 60 in connection to Kevin Garnett...
Malone first ABA player to play out of High School
Dawkins first NBA player to play out of HS.
Kobe out of HS...Garnett out of HS..
Donald Trump=60(rev red)
Abraham Lincoln=60
Also think about Chuck Bednarik and Frank Gifford dying in 2015 when I was talking about all of this...
Bednarik wore # 60..helps win the 1960 championship..He was the last of the NFL's 60 minute men(played all 60 minutes of the game)..Bednarik known for knocking out Frank Gifford for 18 months 1960....Gifford and Bednarik both die in 2015. 

Gifford out for 666 days after Bednarik's was also 4 months 1 day before Bednarik's bday.....
Bednarik died 41 days before his bday and 141 days before Gifford.. 1960 was the 41st NFL Season. 
Super Bowl=41

1960 is 58 years ago....Remember the big numbers with Earthquakes are 58 and 85. 

Valdivia Chile=81, 117, 234...numbers I've recently been mentioning...

Super Bowl LII=161
American Civil War=161

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