Sunday, February 18, 2018

13 Killed in Mexico Helicopter Crash-Earthquakes-Helicopter/Plane Crashes-Cristero War in 1929-Jesuits-Catholics

I'm doing about 10 different things right now but I wanted to document this story real quick. 

I'm just interested that we got yet another Helicopter Crash story in the media. We just had the Grand Canyon story a few days back along with the Russian Plane Crash....Then we get this story and along with an Iran Earthquake and Plane Crash....

It just reminds me of Andreas Lubitz and the Plane Crash story we got in 2015...They showed the picture of him and the Golden Gate Bridge.....Andreas....San Andreas Fault....

Oaxaca Mexico=51

We've been getting a lot of recent earthquake stories in Mexico too..Remember the Mexico City Earthquake was synced up to Pope Francis visit to Mexico City 585 days before...Think about Pope Francis' connection to San Francisco as well..

In 1929 the Cristero War in Mexico came to an end as well. It was 
trying to keep the Catholics out of control in Mexico....Remember Vatican City also made a sovereign state in 1929. 
Cristero=44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107
Plutarco Calles=923(eng ext) also 220.
220 was a number I documented that was special to Pope Francis and the Jesuits...."Donald John Trump"=220(reverse)...Pope Francis turned 81 years old 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary...
Jesuits founded by the 220th Pope..who died age 81. 
Pope who was Pope in 1929 died age 81. 
Cristobal Colon=220 (Columubus) he died 220 Days after the date he supposedly discovered America....220th Pope excommunicated Henry VIII who wanted a divorce from the daughter of Isabella I who financed Columbus..."London England"=220

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