Sunday, February 11, 2018

Wardrobe Malfunction during Ice Dancer Yura Min's routine in Olympics

Of course there would be a wardrobe malfunction in the Olympics after the Super Bowl where Justin Timberlake performed the halftime show. 
Super Bowl 52 was all connected to the Standing during the National Anthem and Super Bowl 38's Wardrobe Malfunction with Janet Jackson singing songs off her album "Rhythm Nation 1814"...The 1814 in honor of the year Francis Scott Key wrote the national Anthem....

Wardrobe Malfuntion=88
Yura Min=88(reverse) also 38 and 101. 
Janet Jackson thing happened at Super Bowl 38..
Super Bowl 52 played in "Minnesota"=38
Super Bowl LII=163(reverse)
163 the 38th prime number. 

This happens on the 42nd day of the year and 181 days after Yura Min's bday. 
181 is the 42nd prime number. 
Ice Dancer=181(reverse)

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