Friday, February 9, 2018

Death of R.J. Adelman-A Rockets riddle for NBA Finals?-Space Theme

Interesting Rick Adelman's son RJ dies in Houston...
Notice RJ Adelman has identical Gematria to NBA Finals. 
RJ Adelman=33, 57, 78, 165
NBA Finals=33, 57, 78, 165
He also died on the 33rd day of 2018. 
Richard Adelman=66, 111
The NBA Finals=111
Thirty Three=66   33+33=66
Downtown Houston=66(rev red), 165(reverse)

Notice he also dies exactly 33 weeks after his fathers bday. 
Rick Adelman=91 also 203(Jewish)
Rockets=28, 91
Houston Rockets=203
"RJ"(91).....R=9 J=1 
Space=91=Asteroid=Apollo...the space race ended in 91'. 
He died age 44 and was killed by a Minivan...
Rockets=44(rev red)
Minivan=44(rev red)
There's for sure something connected to the Falcon Rocket launches in regards to the coding of the Houston Rockets...
It's funny too as 3 times in the past few weeks my cousin Chris Houston has tried to get a hold of me late at night. I rarely even talk to him and I wasn't able to answer him until the next day(text). Then I get no response of why he has been trying to get a hold of me lol. I mentioned him a bunch last year in regards to the Houston Rockets coding....He was also in Brazil earlier this year because he's a sound guy and it was the same time Aerosmith was there and Steven Tyler had to cancel the shows. 

Rick Adelman drafted to the San Diego Rockets. 
The stuff with my cousin involved the San Diego Rockets as he lives in San Diego. We both moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2007...Mike Brown went to Mesa CC and then to San Diego University and so on...

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