Thursday, February 8, 2018

42 Ounce Bottle of Steel Reserve at the store today-Some thoughts in regards to Bridge/Earthquake

I was at the grocery store today and saw they had Steel Reserve beer in a plastic bottle now. What I thought was funny is that it's a 42 ounce bottle and not just a 40 ounce like most other brands. 
I alway thought it was interesting these beers have what looks 211 on them as 2/11 is the 42nd day of the year. These are malt liquor which is stereotypically targeted to black people...
Nigger=42, 60(rev red) and so on...
Now I'm seeing they offer a 42 ounce bottle as well. 
Just ridiculous and had to document it. 
Malt Liquor=60
Steel Reserve=72(s) and 72(rev red)
Seventy Two=42

I guess the reason it has the 211 looking symbol on it is because the Alchemical symbol for Steel looks like a 211....
Think about that in regards to Freemasonry...Building....Steel..
211 the 47th prime. 
Euclids 47th problem about Foundation of a Perfect Square. 
The Freemason compass set at 47 degrees. 
Foundation=47=Framework=President=White House=Government

Also interesting I would notice this after talking so much about Bridge symbolism and how it connects to the Steelers. Pittsburgh the City of Bridges/Steel. The alcohol content is 8.1 percent....
81 the big number in regards to bridges.....

The only other beers that I have bought consistently over the years have some interesting names as well... One is one called "Hurricane". 
 Years ago I used to drink the 12 percent High Gravity's called "Earthquake"...
For about 5 years I think I drank "Blast" every day. I even used to special order them from the liquor store in town, and wrote a song about them... Blasted
Blast got discontinued or something as they are about impossible to find in this area now. I haven't seen them in years....

Just some Destructive sounding names of Malt Liqours....
If I'm supposed to see something off of noticing this I guarantee it's about Blast....

Snoop Dogg is the advocate for Blast....notice he's a Steelers fan..
All Los Angeles area teams except for the Steelers....
Snoop Dogg=112, 131(reverse)
Blast By Colt Forty Five=112(rev red)
Super Bowl=112(reverse) and 131

Daniel Edward Behrendt=112(rev red) ha..possibly why I used to love them so much. 
I've noticed a lot of things I used to love that are synced to me. 
Dan Behrendt=58(rev red)
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Kobe Bryant=58(rev red)