Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jeopardy Contestants missed all questions in "Talkin Football" Category-Super Bowl 52-Philadelphia Eagles

Jeopardy contestants miss all questions in category relating to Football just before Super Bowl 52. 
Jeopardy=41(rev red)
Super Bowl=41
The Eagles just won with 41 points. 
The episode came out on 2+1+20+18=41
Notice the category as well...
"Talkin Football"=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Notice The leader is winning by $5,200 as well. 

Remember we got the story of Alex Trebek's brain surgery on January 4th too...1/4 or 4/1...

The last question involved the Minnesota Vikings and Alex says If you guys get this one..."I will die"..
I will die=52(rev red)

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